Online Learning at Chesterfield County Public Schools

Educational Questions

Enrollment and Attendance FAQs

Who can enroll in CCPSOnline?

CCPSOnline offers a full range of middle and high school courses for all Chesterfield County residents. Out of county residents may enroll in a select list of courses. See the Resident and Non-Resident course lists on the CCPSOnline website.

How do I apply?

Links to the application forms for both the summer and school year can be found on the CCPSOnline website.

Is there a cost to take a class online?

During the regular school year, there is no cost for courses within the number that would be considered a full course load. The following fees apply to courses beyond what would be considered a full course load. Please consult with your school counselor if you have questions.

  • School year
    • Full Credit (Year) Class for residents: $325
    • Half Credit (Semester) Class for residents: $165
    • Full Credit (Year) Class for non-residents: $875
    • Half Credit (Semester) Class for non-residents: $450
  • Summer
    • Full Credit (Year) Class for residents: $325
    • Half Credit (Semester) Class for residents: $165
    • Full Credit (Year) Class for non-residents: $575
    • Half Credit (Semester) Class for non-residents: $325

**Please note that fees are annually reviewed and subject to change.**

What is considered a full course load?

For a typical middle school student, a full course load is 6 classes (middle school students taking Honors English can take 7 classes).  A high school student’s full course load is 7 classes. Please talk to your student’s home school counselor should you have any questions.

What is the school year schedule?

CCPSOnline follows the Chesterfield County Public Schools calendar.

Who teaches CCPSOnline classes?

CCPSOnline has both full-time and part-time instructors who are CCPS employees, Virginia-licensed, highly qualified, and have experience in online learning. CCPSOnline provides appropriate professional development training in specific content areas and best practices of online instruction.

How do students know what courses to take?

Students should consult their school of residence professional school counselor regarding their academic plan and appropriate courses.

Can students take online courses to complete graduation requirements earlier?

Yes. Students may take courses for acceleration at any time and during their senior year through the CCPSOnline PACE Early Completers program to get ahead of graduation requirements. It is best to consult with your child’s professional school counselor at his or her school of residence as they may have other options to offer students who wish to graduate early.

What are Honors Option courses?

Honors Option provides the chance for students not enrolled in an honors course to earn honors credit by exploring the content in greater depth and/or breadth.

You may achieve Honors credit by choosing one of these paths, or by combining the two:

  • Completion of Honors Credit Assignments: Each unit in the course will include optional assignments and/or learning opportunities, labeled “Honors Option,” that will count toward Honors credit. This may include deeper discussion topics, more challenging concepts, enhanced assignments, etc. to be completed in addition to the foundational content. You, the student, must achieve an overall passing average for all Honors Option work in order to receive an Honors designation; however, these components will not impact the final letter grade you will receive for the course.
  • Student-Proposed Learning Experience(s)
    • Propose your own Honors Option learning experience(s) and work with your teacher to determine specific learning experience requirements. Click here to view sample learning experiences.
    • Honors credit will be awarded upon successful completion of the requirements agreed upon in the proposal.

Does CCPSOnline offer Drivers Ed?

CCPSOnline Health and PE courses are not permitted by the state to provide driver education. The student may acquire classroom driver education using the following options (which include fees):

If you have additional questions, please contact your student’s home school.

Can non-CCPS students take CCPSOnline courses?

Yes. Any Chesterfield County resident can take CCPSOnline courses.  Private and Home Schooled students can take up to TWO courses as a part time student during the school year. Non-resident students can also enroll in a limited number of MOP (Multi-division Online Provider Program) approved CCPSOnline courses during the school year. See the course list on our website for more information.

What is the attendance policy for online courses?

Students are expected to turn in assignments on their due dates and spend time in their courses throughout each week. When an absence of more than 5 consecutive school days is necessary, students should notify their teacher in advance. An absence is defined as not logging into your course and not completing work due on a school day.

How long has CCPSOnline been part of Chesterfield County Schools?

CCPS has been providing online courses since 2005.

How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

Fill out the form from the following link:

What if I’m taking a class with an End Of Course Test (SOL, AP)?

CCPSOnline students will have the opportunity to take all required end of course tests. Your teacher will provide you with testing information and procedures.

Do you provide a curriculum for children with special needs?

If your child has an IEP or 504 plan and is a part-time CCPSOnline student, their case manager and services will continue to be provided by the school of residence and our teachers will provide their accommodations. To discuss your child’s needs with us, please contact our coordinator of special education, Shannon Broughton at

Course Climate FAQs

What support is offered to students by the online teacher?

Students have regular opportunities to interact with their teacher throughout the course through synchronous group lessons, discussions, the Canvas Inbox, prerecorded instructional videos, personalized assignment feedback, and virtual office hours for 1:1 help.

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning?

Synchronous learning is virtual or distance education that happens in real time, often with a set class schedule and required login times. Asynchronous learning does not require real-time interaction; instead, content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules, and assignments are completed according to pacing.

What hours will teachers be available to students?

CCPSOnline teachers interact with their students throughout the course through synchronous group lessons, discussions, the Canvas Inbox, prerecorded instructional videos, and personalized assignment feedback. Online teachers offer virtual office hours at various times of the day to accommodate the schedules of their students. Office hours are listed on the homepage of each course.

Will I need to purchase books or materials for my courses?

Unless specifically indicated in the description, all required books/materials are provided within the course.

How much time do students spend on the computer?

For each course taken online, students can anticipate spending between 4-6 hours per week during the school year and 4-6 hours per day during the summer session.

Do I need to take exams in online courses?

All high school credit school year* courses require a semester and final exam. There are no senior exemptions for CCPSOnline exams. The general exam schedule is posted on the CCPSOnline website calendar and specific information about the exam for your course will be found in the course information and communicated by the teacher.

All summer* courses require a final exam at the conclusion of the course content and prior to the end of summer session.

Summer School Questions

What classes are offered?

Please consult our course list on the CCPSOnline website.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for classes, visit the CCPSOnline website, and choose Summer Session.

Will my school accept credit for CCPSOnline Summer Courses?

CCPS accepts credit for all CCPSOnline courses.  Most surrounding Metro-Richmond cities/counties accept transfer credits for our summer courses. Please contact your school of residence for verification.

What are the daily expectations for students?

Summer courses run in a very short period of time.  Students can expect to actively participate between 4 and 6 hours per day, per class.

Can I work and/or go on vacation during summer session?

Students may complete coursework from any location that has an internet connection.  However, if the 4-6 hours per day, per class cannot be met, it is unlikely that the student will be able to successfully complete the course in the allotted time.

Technical Questions

How do I get to Canvas?

Canvas is accessed through the Student Dashboard. First, sign into Then, click the Canvas icon. You may need to sign back in with Rapid Identity after clicking the Canvas icon.

NOTE: sometimes students may get temporarily dropped in Synergy during registration periods. If that occurs, your icon may not show. If that happens, let your teacher know and temporarily use the following Canvas link:

What if I’m having technical difficulties?

If a student is having difficulty with their course or their CCPS-issued chromebook, they should contact their CCPSOnline instructor. Be specific about the issue(s) encountered and include screenshots when possible.

What technology will students need to participate in online courses?

CCPSOnline courses are designed to be used with CCPS-issued Chromebooks and applications found on the student Dashboard. It is recommended that students use their CCPS issued Chromebook for coursework. Personal device support is not available. See System Requirements (below) if you are using your own device.

System Requirements

General Requirements for CCPSOnline


Students are issued a chromebook during the school year and encouraged to use this device to complete their CCPSOnline work. If a student is not using a CCPS-issued Chromebook, it is recommended that the student use Chrome as their browser. Chrome is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can be downloaded here.

Support for CCPS-issued Chromebooks can be found at the student’s home school. Please contact them for further assistance with the device.

Internet and Email Account

Students will need regular access to a computer with high-speed access to the Internet, preferably from home. Email is the primary method of communication for CCPSOnline. The student and parent will need an active email address that is checked regularly. Questions should be emailed to the online teacher. Any change of email address must be reported to your teacher and to

Canvas and Edgenuity Requirements

Canvas browser and computer requirements

Canvas support documents for mobile browsers on tablets

Edgenuity system requirements