Fifth Grade
Language Arts

In fifth grade we will be working on making all students strong readers of a wide variety of genres. The students will be able to use their comprehension strategies when reading new materials. The students will also be taught how to express themselves through their writing.


We will be working on thinking outside the box when it comes to mathematics, not just how to solve problems by why we solve them in a certain way. The students will be working on a deeper understanding of how to solve problems, not just answering A,B,C or D questions, but coming up with the answers themselves and applying their skills to new questions.


We will be working on science concepts through a scientific investigation process. The concepts that are covered will include matter, force, motion, energy, biology, geology, and space.

Social Studies

We will be looking at the whole world, including the geography, from past to the present, through the continents and the different cultures. We will explore the impact they have on the present day.

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