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Fourth Grade
Language Arts

In fourth grade, the students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction in order to improve their comprehension skills in all content areas. the students will work in large and small groups to develop communication skills. We also will continue working with the writing process by planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their own poems, stories, and reports.


In fourth grade, the students will work through problems involving data collection, analysis, basic algebra, and multi-step problem solving. Students will also learn to solve two-digit multiplication and division problems, fraction, decimals, and geometry questions.


In fourth grade, the students will use the scientific investigative process to analyze data and verify results. After experimenting and making simple predictions the students will be able to graph results and explain conclusions. In addition, the students will study the structure of plants and the interdependence between plants and animals in their environments. Lastly, we will focus on natural resources found in Virginia, weather, electricity, forces, motion, and energy.

Social Studies

In fourth grade, we will be studying Virginia starting with the first English settlement, Jamestown, working up through the twentieth century. We will focus on how the geography of Virginia and the state’s resources, its economic systems, and cultural makeup has influenced Virginia history.

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