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Language Arts

In Kindergarten, students are immersed in a print rich environment to help them develop letter sounds, word recognition, and comprehension skills. While reading fiction and nonfiction materials, the students will begin to communicate their comprehension through retelling, drawings and oral speaking experiences.


In Kindergarten, students develop number-sense, measurement, and geometry concepts through hands-on activities. As the students continue to learn their problem solving skills, they will use activities such as comparing, counting, and recognizing or building patterns.


In Kindergarten, students experience hands-on activities to observe everyday living and non-living things. Students are expected to ask questions, sort, measure, and communicate their findings about the natural world. Lastly, the students study magnets, water, shadows, weather, and plant growth.

Social Studies

In Kindergarten, students learn about characteristics of heroes and leaders in both their community and at the state level. The students use globes and maps to learn about geographic locations. Lastly, students study money and how it helps provide for our wants versus needs.

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