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The library at Marguerite Christian Elementary School is a dynamic, warm, and inviting space where students of all ages and ability levels can be transported to anywhere in the world through the magic of reading and technology. No “Lion”, we love to READ at Marguerite Christian Elementary School!

Mission Statement
The mission of the Marguerite Christian Elementary School library is to empower students and staff through the direction and guidance of a certified school librarian to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users/creators of information in support of student achievement in a global environment.

Hours:  Monday-Friday 9:00-3:30

Open Checkout: Monday-Friday 9:00-9:30

Librarian:  Katherine Gilmore

Librarian Assistant:  Mary Spitzer

The library is always in need of volunteers. See Mrs. Gilmore if you are interested in helping.

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