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Resource Classes

The art program is designed to encourage interaction between the cultural arts and to relate itself to all academic areas. The program encourages children to develop skills necessary for using a variety of media, and it is designed to help them experience success. A problem-solving approach in art is emphasized so that children will learn to interpret and express individual ideas and feelings. The program further encourages children to develop an appreciation for the art of yesterday and today, as well as an appreciation for their own creativity.


Music education and appreciation are major goals of our music staff. All students enjoy the variety of musical skills offered through instruction. Included in the program is the use of percussion instruments, Orff instruction, understanding and reading musical notes, composition, choral singing, and participation in live performances. All facets of the music program are developed in accordance with the Standards of Learning: Music.

Physical Education

The physical education program is designed to cover the five strands of the Standards of Learning: skilled movement, movement principles and concepts, personal fitness, responsible behaviors, and physically active lifestyle. The combination of these five strands will lead students towards being able to engage skillfully, knowledgeably, responsibly, and vigorously in active and healthy lifestyles.


This program allows students to create, design, build, discover, and work together while using science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Students will approach various tasks through problem based learning while engaging in critical thinking. Tasks will strengthen material taught in the classroom and will be enriched using materials in the lab as well as coding and a Makerspace.

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