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Second Grade
Language Arts

In second grade, the students are immersed in print-rich text. They continue learning to read using comprehension skills while improving their accuracy, fluency, and expression. The students will also expand their ability to write short stories, letters, and brief explanations of the various concepts they have learned throughout the curriculum.


In second grade, the students begin to independently understand the concept of numbers and the size of them while solving a single problem many different ways. The students will also experience estimating, measuring, patterning, graphing, and developing spatial sense.


In second grade, the students strengthen their knowledge of their natural world by making observations and drawing conclusions about concepts such as phases of matter, life cycles, weather patterns, and seasonal effects on plants and animals.

Social Studies

In second grade, the students will study civilizations from the past including Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, and American Indians (First Americans) and how their cultures have influenced and improved our modern day lives. This includes, but is not limited to, the geographic, citizenship, economic, and civic contributions to the community.

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