Third Grade
Language Arts

The third grade works with the students at their reading level to develop their comprehension skills through fiction and nonfiction. We also introduce poetry and writing skills including the use of their reference resources such as an almanac, atlas, thesaurus, glossary, and a dictionary.


The third grade focuses on the development of place value understanding up through the millions place. Students then begin understanding the concept of multiplication and division by grouping in order to make larger numbers. We review concepts in geometry, time, and money. We also spend time developing our understanding of basic fractions and the concept of a whole. Lastly, we apply all of our math skills and concepts to multi-step problems.


The third grade uses scientific investigation and observations of living and non-living things in their ecosystems to develop knowledge and the importance of conservation of their environment. We also focus on simple and compound machines, energy, and the basic understanding of matter.

Social Studies

The third grade uses knowledge of the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome and Mali to learn about basic government that was used in the past and how our government is organized in the United States today. The students also develop their geography skills including regions of the United States and specific locations in Europe that are related to explorers including Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier, Juan Ponce De Leon, and Christopher Newport.

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