Librarian –  Ms. Pierpont
Instructional Assistant – Mrs. Sidoti


Classes visit the library once a week for a 45-minute library period. Students select and checkout library books and participate in a variety of lessons designed to encourage students to become enthusiastic readers and proficient researchers as students learn to use a variety of print and online resources.

The CHES library hours are from 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The library program has a fixed schedule to ensure that every child visits the library on a weekly basis. We also have an “open door” policy that allows students to exchange books and work on research at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Library staff and volunteers assist teachers and students in the library daily. The CHES library is a warm, welcoming, and very busy place to be!

All students are encouraged to check out books on a weekly basis:
K-1 Students: 1 book per week
2–5 Students: 2 books per week

Battle of the Books
Fifth-grade students are encouraged to participate in the Battle of the Books program that culminates in an exciting competition where students answer questions on the 25 books that are part of the Battle of the Books program.

For more information on the CHES library website, please click this link.

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