At Clover Hill Elementary School STEM Education takes many forms…whether a student is engaged in Children’s Engineering, Problem Based Learning, or Robotics, he/she is integrating content knowledge with critical thinking skills and creative thinking skills. We have been fortunate to have received funding and educational assistance from NASA, Northrup Gruman, the United States Air Force Association, MCD Grants, James Madison University, etc. Through the collaborative efforts of outstanding educators such as Cindy Jones, Sue Nagal, Cynthia Rymer, Kent Faulcon, Judy Leavey and many others, our students have had incredible learning experiences as exemplified by the following: Boat Building Competitions, Award Winning Classroom Instruction and Projects, Robotics, CCPS STEM Fair, Virtual Visits to NASA, and Astronaut Visit to CHES. We are very proud of our Award Winning Children’s Engineering Program and our Award Winning Teachers (Cindy Jones and Sue Nagal). For us, STEM Education has involved our entire learning community inclusive of supportive parents, without whom we could never offer our children all of the learning experiences that we have.

Understanding the Basics of STEM Education by DR. PATRICIA FIORIELLO

Children’s Engineering
Virginia Technology and Engineering Education Association
International Technology and Engineering Education Association

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