Third Grade

Classroom expectations: Third grade is a year marked by much personal growth and social development.  In order to help our students to be successful in third grade we have five expectations.

  • Demonstrate the CCPS Core Values of respect, responsibility, honesty and accountability
  • Keep hands, feet and all objects to yourself
  • Do your best
  • When others are talking, listen silently without interrupting
  • Follow all CHES and CCPS Rules

We will continue to develop the students’ understanding of print material using the comprehension keys. Through the balanced literacy model of shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, and literacy stations students often work in small groups using the basal reader, leveled readers, novel studies, computer programs, etc.


Students will learn about place value to the 100,000 place, adding and subtracting with regrouping, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators, multiplication and division to the 12s, as well as, how to count money and give change.


Our studies in science cover various concepts in the life sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences. Students enjoy learning about diverse topics such as: life cycles, the food chain, food webs, phases of the moon, types of matter, natural resources, and conservation.

Social Studies

Third-graders compare and contrast the Ancient Civilizations of Mali, Rome and Greece. We study principals of economics and their effects on us today. The explorers Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce De Leon, Jacques Cartiers and Christopher Newport add to our knowledge base and lead us to the exploration and early development of Virginia. The values of our nation: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and equality under the law are important in our social studies curriculum. In addition to these values, we learn about people who have helped give us the freedoms owe enjoy today- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King Jr, Thurgood Marshall and Abraham Lincoln.

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