Teacher of the Year
Portrait of teacher

Congratulations Ms. Dinelli, 2022 Teacher of the Year!

Raegen Dinelli has been instrumental in helping Clover Hill Elementary become stronger. I don’t know where our students or staff would be without her endless sunny patience for all of our questions, her helpfulness in finding ways to make virtual learning fun, engaging and exciting, as well as her ability to adapt procedures to make the process easier for our leaders who struggle with technology. She is always willing to help and comes up with creative ways to teach. Raegan has worked overtime learning software to teach the staff and parents alongside students. She has a smile on her face 24/7 no matter the task. Raegen is extremely professional at all times. One can always count on her having a smile and showing kindness no matter the situation. She calms staff and students alike when things go sideways with technology and instruction. She needs to wear a cape that says “super teacher”!

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