Chesterfield Schools and community partners host school supply drive to support virtual learning

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When you think about virtual learning, you may think about students watching tutorial videos, interacting in virtual class meetings and completing assignments on computers. You may not realize it until school starts on Sept. 8, but not all virtual learning is done on a computer.

Teachers of every grade level and all subject areas have created lessons that are hands-on and will require students to participate in a way that is not entirely on their Chromebook. Depending on the nature of the activities, a wide variety of school supplies will be needed to complete the assignments.

Not only will students need common school supplies like crayons, pencils and glue sticks, but they also will need other less traditional items to help support their virtual learning at home. Teachers frequently have students participate in activities that make learning more tangible. For example, instead of having students complete a worksheet on math concepts, they may use counters and manipulatives such as beads or pom poms or cereal to make learning more hands-on and meaningful.

Because of the challenges and hardships our local community has faced during the past several months due to COVID-19, many Chesterfield County families are facing economic instability as they prepare to return to learning. To support families, Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Family and Community Engagement Office (FACE), Communities In Schools Chesterfield (CIS), the Chesterfield Education Foundation (CEF) and the Chesterfield County Council of PTAs have created different avenues of support for these families.

CIS Chesterfield, the County Council of PTAs and the FACE Office are hosting a local school supply drive so students will have what they need to learn and thrive in a virtual learning environment. The supply drive will be Saturday, August 29 from 9 a.m.-noon. The location of the supply drive will be curbside drop-off at both the Chester and Midlothian YMCAs. All donations should be new and sanitized. If you would prefer to donate supplies online, please visit this Virtual Learning Supplies Amazon Wish List.

Back in March, CEF established an Emergency Response Fund to accept donations for Chesterfield County families who are in need to combat the negative impact of COVID-19. Donations to this fund are used to serve students and families in our community who are affected by COVID-19, as well as, assist in other foundation priorities. If you would like to contribute financially, please visit CEF’s Emergency Response Fund to make your donation.

There are many students in need of school supplies to complete their virtual class work and to prepare their virtual classroom at home. Consider purchasing supplies or make a donation to help Chesterfield County students experience success while in a virtual learning environment!


Supply Drive Flyer

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