Chesterfield Schools offer free summer program to elementary students

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Registration continues for our summer Recovery of Learning program, which is free for all current Chesterfield County students who were in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade this school year. Find out more and register to participate here by June 19.

Students will work in the three primary instructional applications described below. Those registered will have a licensed teacher interacting online to provide support through goal-setting, progress-monitoring, virtual office hours, and small group instruction. All courses provide students an opportunity to move through the content at their own pace and to test out of content previously mastered.

NOTE: Any student needing a school division-issued Chromebook or Internet access at home in order to participate in the summer learning program should acknowledge such on the registration form.

The instructional applications selected for our summer Recovery of Learning elementary school opportunities will provide students with access to a personalized curriculum to a personalized curriculum for knowledge and skills strengthening in both math and language arts.

Registration provides the added benefit of virtual support from a Chesterfield County teacher following a set Monday-Thursday schedule from June 29 to July 30. Depending on the grade level, a student using Dreambox for the Recovery of Learning math program should plan to commit 20-50 minutes per day.

Depending on the grade level, a student using MyOn or Lexia for the Recovery of Learning literacy program should plan to commit 20-45 minutes per day.

Morning meetings will occur in 15-minute increments between 8-9:30 a.m. Teachers will assign students times. Small group instruction is available online in 30-minute increments between 9:40-12:50. Teachers will assign students to timeslots as well.

Special education support and assistance for English language learners is built into the Recovery of Learning program, and includes summer staff dedicated to supporting teacher and learner needs.

Participation in this program is optional. Paper packets will continue to be prepared and made available at schools or mailed twice during the month of July for students as requested.

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