Chesterfield students to explore careers at virtual Mission Tomorrow

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The world as we knew it a year ago has been drastically altered. Our schools and communities have had to pivot and adapt multiple times during the past nine months. Schools have reshaped education, businesses have reinvented themselves and families have made adjustments to their lives.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, nearly 5,000 eighth graders at Chesterfield County Public Schools will see firsthand the types of skills and problem-solving abilities that businesses are looking for in their employees in our ever-changing world.

This year, Chesterfield County students will join their peers across the district virtually for ChamberRVA’s fifth annual Mission Tomorrow, an interactive exploration of potential career interests where students have the opportunity to learn more about in-demand job fields. 

“In another month or so, our eighth graders will begin to narrow down which courses they want to take in high school,” said Superintendent Dr. Merv Daugherty. “Mission Tomorrow provides the opportunity for students to learn more about the college and career options available to them, so they can plan a path that will help shape their future.” 

Through Mission Tomorrow, more than 12,000 middle school students from across the Richmond region explore a variety of career interests to gather information and a better understanding of what it takes to be prepared for a future job. As they have in previous years, students will have the opportunity to choose the booths they want to visit based on their specific interests, albeit virtually. 

With more than 70 booths available for students to visit virtually, Mission Tomorrow is a valuable opportunity for eighth graders to explore in-demand careers available in central Virginia. To encourage students to explore career options, gather information, watch videos and chat with exhibitors, the virtual event will have a gamification portion where students can earn points and win prizes.

“Our local business community is not only offering a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience what job opportunities that are out there, but it also models the forward-thinking and problem-solving skills they would like their future employees to have,” Dr. Daugherty said. “Through the creativity and innovation of these businesses, our eighth-grade students can see all of the incredible careers that are available through this interactive learning experience.”

Students at Chesterfield County Public Schools will participate on Wednesday, Dec. 9, in two segments.  

  • 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: Academy 360, Bailey Bridge, Carver, Davis, Falling Creek, Manchester, and Matoaca middle schools
  • 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.: Midlothian, Providence, Robious, Swift Creek, Salem, and Tomahawk middle schools

Want to learn more about Mission Tomorrow? Watch this video to see what students can expect at the virtual event or visit for more information. 

The virtual event will include the following: 

  • Virtual lobby – Students are highly encouraged to watch the welcome video as they enter the virtual event lobby. The video will include a welcome narrative to explain the purpose of the event, the resources available, and how to navigate the virtual environment. The lobby will also lead students to the exhibit hall, help desk and auditorium. 
  • Exhibit hall –The exhibit hall contains the 70+ virtual booths, organized by career clusters. The virtual booths afford students the ability to interact with companies and will contain videos and brochures about companies and careers, as well as chat capabilities, so students can ask questions.  
  • Backpack– Every student is given a virtual backpack to save documents electronically for future reference. In addition, most resources other than the live chat will be available to students to revisit and explore until Feb. 8, 2021.
  • Information Help Desk – The information help desk provides assistance for students having technical problems.  
  • Auditorium – The auditorium contains videos about career exploration and a final video that points students to possible follow-up activities and directs them to the survey.
  • Leaderboard – Students receive points for exploring the event by visiting booths, watching videos and chatting with exhibitors. The top 25 students are displayed on the live leaderboard throughout the event. Prizes will be given to top performing students.
  • Survey – Students and educators are encouraged to take a survey and provide feedback about the event.

Not sure what to ask exhibitors in the live chat at a booth? Here are some questions students could ask:

  • What do you love best about your job? 
  • What skills or classes do you need to excel in your career? 
  • What does your average work day look like? 
  • What’s the biggest challenge in your job? 
  • What’s something that might surprise me about your job? 
  • How do you think this job will change in the future? 
  • What’s one thing you wish someone had told you about this career? 

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