Clover Hill High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Classroom Instruction: English course work at Clover Hill prepares students to communicate effectively through advancement of reading, writing, and speaking skills. Thus, this course of study equips students with the necessary skills to master subject matter in future classes across the high school curriculum, future college coursework, and the work world. Students read and analyze a variety of novels, nonfiction, professional essays, poetry, and short stories. Students also study how authors approach writing, its conventions, grammar, mechanics, style, and vocabulary as they work through the writing process. Every class period offers opportunities to read, write, analyze, and discuss.

Student Organizations: reinforce and strengthen reading/writing/communication skills include: NEHS, Writer’s Guild/Literary Magazine, Yearbook (photojournalism), Newspaper (journalism), Academic Team, Improv and Forensics.

Courses: English 9, 10, 11, 12 (C and Honors levels), AP Literature, AP Language, John Tyler Dual Enrollment College Composition, Yearbook, Communications, and Newspaper Math/Science High School English 9, 10, 11, 12