Clover Hill High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


9th Grade: Students will be introduced to a variety of health related topics including: Health and Wellness goals, Principles of fitness, nutrition, communicable/non-communicable diseases, effects related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. Students will also get hands on instruction of first aid and CPR.

10th Grade: All 10th grade H/PE students will have in-class driver education instruction in the first semester. They will meet the 36 period in-class requirement for a driver’s license. In the second semester students will learn a variety of health related topics such as: violence prevention, personal health and wellness, and community health and wellness.

PE Activity: Students will be exposed to a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional sports and games. They will learn skills, game play strategies, and rules. While in activity students will also be involved in regular fitness activity. Through these fitness activities, students will have the opportunity to improve their muscular strength and endurnace, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.