Clover Hill High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Social Studies: All Social Studies courses involve analytical thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge and skills to problem solving situations, not just memorizing facts. The Social Studies curriculum introduces students to world cultures and religions, political and economic systems, and civic responsibilities.

Classroom instruction: Social Studies classrooms are student-centered. Teachers are facilitators who design instruction to provide opportunities for students to use and build on their pre-existing knowledge and skills. Students at all levels are engaged in rich discourse – questioning, explaining and justifying their ideas.

Student organizations — The National History Honor Society and National History Club offer students enrichment opportunities. Additionally, students also have a chance to work with the Geneological Research Institute of Virginia.

We teach classes such as: World History I, World History II, US History, US Government, Economics and Personal Finance, Historical Research. We also offer courses at the Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement levels.