Clover Hill High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The World Language department at Clover Hill High School currently consists of five different languages: French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. We also offer Chinese as a club. The ultimate goal of each program is for the student to achieve an oral and written mastery of the language as well to experience the varied cultures of the countries associated with each language. Each language program offers at least five years of study to ensure that students have ample time to immerse themselves in the unique cultures. In order to do this, we study the foods, history, family and school life, geography and many other topics. Spanish, French and Latin all offer AP level courses and every language offers the student the opportunity to become a “Cadet Teacher,” which actually allows the student to take part in the classroom instruction.

Each language also offers a club and an Honor Society. The Honor Societies all have different requirements for membership, but high academic performance is an obvious requirement. The clubs are extracurricular activities in which the students are to enjoy different fun activities associated with the language that the rigorous classroom schedule and pacing do not allow them to experience in class.