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Academic Records (Transcripts)

Transcript Request Process for Current Students

Current Seniors who need to request a transcript can do so through Parchment. Students must submit a Parchment Transcript Release form signed by a parent, legal guardian or the student (if they are 18) to the Main Counseling Office. 

Once the Transcript Release Form is signed and submitted to the School Counseling Office, students will be given a Parchment registration code. Seniors can click on the button below to begin setting up their Parchment accounts once they have received their code.

Please note there are NO FEES for transcripts ordered through Parchment for current seniors.

Parchment Transcript

Transcript Requests for Alumni

Alumni can also request transcripts using Parchment. Please click the above link to set up an account or enter your account information. There is a charge for alumni transcripts. You may also visit the CCPS website below for more information about this process

Alumni Only Ordering a High School Transcript

Student Name


A – Dh

Ms. Christine Veach

Phone:  (804) 639-4940 ext. 5218


Di – J

Mrs. Sally Laskey

Phone:  (804) 639-4940 ext. 5426


K – Mi

Mr. George “Tripp” Lawson

Phone:  (804) 639-4940 ext. 5111


Guidance Coordinator

Mo – P

MathSci: M – Z

Mrs. Alyson Rizzuti

Phone:  (804) 639-4940 ext. 5314


Pr – U

Mrs. Theresa Wooten

Phone:  (804) 639-4940 ext. 5214


V – Z

MathSci:  A – L

Mrs. Carrie Setina

Phone:  (804) 639-4940 ext. 5430