Cosby High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The science department at Cosby High School is committed to helping students develop a life-long interest in science through a standards-based curriculum that includes investigation, experimentation, and an infusion of 21st century skills.

We offer a variety of courses including Earth and Space Science, Biology, Genetics/Cell Biology, Parasitology/Nutrition, Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Physics. Honors level classes are offered in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Specialized courses in Biology and Chemistry tailored to students enrolled in the Health Science Specialty Center are also available. In addition, we offer John Tyler dual enrollment Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics 1 and Physics C.

End of Course Standards of Learning tests are required for Earth and Space Science, Biology, and Chemistry. All other classes require an end of year exam, i.e. AP and/or teacher designed and administered according to school policy.

For information concerning science at Cosby, please contact JD Lester, Department Chair, at 639-8340 ext. 8614 or via e-mail at [email protected]