Cosby High School

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Name of ClubDescription/SponsorLocation/Dates
French ClubWe meet monthly to celebrate French food and culture./Sponsor:Sarah Crenshaw (Hudgins)room 211/Dates
Art ClubART CLUB DESCRIPTION: An all inclusive art club where students can meet to improve their artistic abilities. Experienced student artists will mentor others in new skills and materials in a relaxed after school environment. /Sponsor:Ann Cameron BraunRoom 146/Dates First meeting: Sept 13
Project Lit (formerly Book Club)Book Club -we’ll meet monthly to read, discuss AND celebrate books that make our students feel seen, heard, affirmed and valued./Sponsor:Wasnock111/Dates ??
Sci-fi and Fantasy ClubThe Sci-fi and Fantasy club is a club for students interested in Science fiction and fantasy genres. It can range from television, movies and games. We will meet the last Thursday of every month for one hour./Sponsor:Brooke Clark321/Dates Last Thursday of every month
Titan TabletopBoard Games/Sponsor:Mark OverstreetLibrary/Dates 9/8/21
Lit ClubCreative Writing/Sponsor:Mark Overstreet435/Dates 9/15/21
DECADECA is the co-curricular, professional student organization that is open to membership for students enrolled in a MARKETING CLASS./Sponsor:Barbara DeFrancescoRoom 401/Dates Meeting dates will be announced in Marketing class and will also be in Canvas.
BetaAcademic Honor Society that serves the community through volunteer hours. Membership through invitation to apply, then application process during spring Sophomore year initially and Junior year for select students./Sponsor:Colleen Weitzel, Katie Smith, Nick Woznyj, Amy Allen, Kathryn Flowers, Samantha Moore, Katelynn Vogelpohl, David TempletonAuditorium/Dates Sept 30 or Oct 1, Nov 18 or 19, Jan 13 or 14, Mar 24 or 25, Apr 28 or 29
Cosby LegacyThis group was suggested by students with the intention of developing a community atmosphere here at Cosby. Each month we meet to create cards, notes of appreciation, posters, or treats for faculty, staff, and students. If you are an upperclassman and would like to take part in a group of this nature, please join. Come to the meetings when you can. All juniors and seniors are welcome. You do not need to attend every meeting to take part. We will meet each Tuesday starting in mid-September from 3-4 in room 443./Sponsor:Ally Eckenrode and Sebrell Bryant443/Dates Beginning September 14, 2021
Spectrum ClubSpectrum is a student-organized club that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Spectrum works to make schools safer for all students by providing support, educating others in their school about LGBTQ+ issues, and engaging in awareness activities like the national Day of Silence. Spectrum also allows LGBTQ+ and allies to work together to take on issues that affect all students, including harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression./Sponsor:Mary Jo McCoy101/Dates 4 Odd Titan Time
Speech and DebateThe Speech and Debate Teams engage in various events that are sponsored by the Virginia High School League. We have 17 different categories of competitive public speaking, including debate, impromptu speaking, poetry, storytelling, dramatic interpretation, and many more. Come find out more about our award-winning teams!/Sponsor:Jackie Clark, Billy Waddell, Scott McKeagAll Speech Events: Room 439 on Tuesdays; Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Room 439 on Thursdays; Public Forum Debate: Room 225 on Thursdays; Congressional Debate: Room 117 on Thursdays/Dates All Speech Events: Room 439 on Tuesdays; Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Room 439 on Thursdays; Public Forum Debate: Room 225 on Thursdays; Congressional Debate: Room 117 on Thursdays
FBLAFBLA is the high school division of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. FBLA helps high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs./Sponsor:Kris MykereziRoom 301/Dates n/a
Varsity ClubParticipants must have lettered in a varsity sport. Student-athletes participate in volunteer opportunities within their school and community. /Sponsor:Michael Anderson Varies/Dates 1st meeting- 9/10 3pm in stadium bleachers
German ClubWe learn about German culture and traditions. It allows different levels of German students to get to know each other, and better understand the culture and the language./Sponsor:Courtney WoodRm 215/Dates
KEY clubKey Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Key Club members learn how to lead and stand for what’s right through service and volunteerism. In partnership with their local Kiwanis club, high school students make a positive impact as they serve others in their schools and communities. " Swartzforum (?)/Dates not sure yet- once I have access to the roster mid sept I’ll figure it out 🙂
SNHS - Science National Honors SocietyTo encourage and recognize scientific knowledge and intellectual thought. To advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science. To communicate with the scientific community. To aid the civic community with its comprehension of service To encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind./Sponsor:Catherine ParrishForum/Dates Monthly
Cosby SeaThe purpose of this club is to educate the students of Cosby High School about the ocean, beyond the typical classroom environment. Through engaging students in fun, relevant, and intuitive ways, and through taking scientific field trips, and hosting a diverse array of guest speakers that have devoted their lives to the study and conservation of marine ecosystems, this club will truly allow the students to “get their feet wet” in the realm of marine sciences. This club has developed into the Environmental Voice of Cosby High School; spearheading recycling efforts, promoting enviro-responsible lifestyles, and sponsoring annual Earth Day Week activities./Sponsor:Catherine ParrishRoom 342/Dates Wednesdays 3-4pm - frequency TBD by membership
Titan TrackersTitan Trackers are students who volunteer their time to help transfer students who come to Cosby High School. Student must be kind, friendly, trustworthy, along with having good attendance, grades, and strong school spirit. Responsibilities include the following: School tours, make phone/email contact, attend meetings, and attend Orientation to help and meet your new student(s) prior to the start of the school year. Applications are available in the spring for the following school year. /Sponsor:Richelle Garner, Theresa Annis, & Carol BlandTBD/Dates TBD
African American ClubThe purpose of the African American Culture Club is to explore, reinforce, and celebrate the African American heritage, culture and historical contributions. we promote diversity among our students and staff. It is important to appreciate other cultures and to be aware of their significant benefaction to the world. Our goal is to provide social support while fostering student development and success through cultural awareness, leadership, philanthropy, and community service. Each meeting provides students with a safe place to talk about and share personal experiences as well as address and discuss the cultural and social issues surrounding African Americans in our country. The club is open to Cosby High School who are interested in learning more about the history, traditions, and customs of African Americans. Some of our activities will include field trips, workshops, voter registration drives and the Black History program. We look forward to you joining our club with open minds and fresh ideas!/Sponsor:Ms. Leslie Glover & Ms. Christine BessellaTBD/Dates TBD
International Dance ClubInternational Dance Club is where students can learn and practice different dances from different genres all over the world! We have done Latin, Korean, Indian & Nigerian routines in the past, and always are open to learning more. /Sponsor:Alexandra JohnsonOutside Room 415/Dates
Mu Alpha ThetaMu Alpha Theta is a mathematics honors society. Our organization is dedicated to promoting scholarship in mathematics and establishing math as an integral part of life. Our members should have a desire to continue the study of mathematics in some fashion after leaving Cosby./Sponsor:Cat MordanForum /Dates Sept. 8th; Oct. 13th; Nov. 10th; Dec. 8th; Feb. 9th; March 9th; May 11th.
Spanish ClubCosby’s Spanish Club, or El Club de Español, welcomes ALL students who enjoy the Spanish language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world! Our monthly meetings include fun cultural activities, food, fun and new friends! We usually create and distribute new Club de Español t-shirts to our paying members each year, which include our motto, "Somos Cosby", which means "We are Cosby." The $15 annual dues that a student pays goes towards each monthly meeting’s activities and the cost of a El Club de Español t-shirt. Ask any Spanish teacher if you’d like more information about joining us!/Sponsor:Mark LaniganWe are still figuring out our meeting location for this year. We will let students know./Dates We are still figuring out our meeting schedule for this year. We will let students know.
Politics ClubThe Politics Club provides bipartisan political activities open to all students, but targeted to support the topics explored in government classes. For the 2021-22 school year, club meetings will be limited to our after-school speaker forums./Sponsor:Renee Serrao, Mandy Mills, Chris PriorAuditorium or forum, 3:15-4:15/Dates Various days as speakers are scheduled
Champions TogetherChampions Together builds a school community of acceptance and inclusion by engaging students with and without disabilities. By using sports as a vehicle for social change, Special Olympics - Virginia strives to create opportunities for meaning inclusion. This program includes 3 components: Interscholastic Unified Sports, Awareness Activity, and Fundraising./Sponsor:Jessica Campbell229 or Forum if the group is too large/Dates
TSAEngineering club/Sponsor:Sam Leone127, 344/Dates Friday, Titan Time
National Art Honor SocietyNational Art Honor Society for students in the Visual Arts that focus on building art relationships in the community thru our visual art honor society students./Sponsor:Linkowitz & BraunTBD/Dates TBD
Latin Club & Latin Honors SocietyLatin Club is for current and former Latin students who are interested in fun learning activities centered around the history and culture of Ancient Rome. Honors Society students may attend these club activities as well as engage in selected service opportunities./Sponsor:Michele OsborneRoom 217/Dates First meeting: Sept. 23 3:00-3:45
TitaniaDance Team /Sponsor:Jennifer LaskowitzVaries/Dates Generally Tuesday/Thursday but the dates vary.
ITS (International Thespian Society)ITS is the Theatre Honor Society for students who have participated and excelled in extracurricular theater both on and back stage. Students will be invited to join after earning enough points through participation in extra curricular theatre./Sponsor:R0b EllisRoom 509/Dates Monthly during Titan Time
SCASCA is the student council association. Join to get involved in school events and to share new ideas to increase school spirit./Sponsor:Jennifer Laskowitz & Elizabeth BaileyVaries (Commons, Forum)/Dates Generally the first Wednesday of each month but it varies.
Medical Awareness CLubStudents who wish to raise awareness for medical problems, research, and the like in school./Sponsor:Heather Leckie and Julie RixVirtual/Dates
Video Game ClubPlay Video Games with friendly peers. Talk about upcoming releases and current game titles. Retro, PC and current Generation console fans are all welcome./Sponsor:CataliniTBA/Dates Thursdays after school
The Yoga ClubMeditation, relaxation, basic yoga concepts/Sponsor:MaryKate BaucomTBD/Dates TBD
Breaking BarriersThe aim of this club is to build a welcoming culture at Cosby High School by promoting inclusion and equity for each individual within our school community. /Sponsor:Kerry FretwellRoom 209 /Dates TBD
Physics/Astronomy ClubStudents explores current physics and astronomy topics. /Sponsor:Tom Harsono140 (tentatively)/Dates
Tri-M Honor SocietyTri-M is a Music Honor Society that includes members of Cosby Choir, Band, Orchestra, or Guitar. To apply, you must meet the following qualifications: -Participation in a high school music class currently and also for the previous year - “A” average in music class(es) - 3.0 cumulative GPA average for all courses -Continued character strength that includes achievement in music, demonstration of service, leadership and cooperation /Sponsor:Ella MortN/A yet/Dates N/A yet