What are employment services?

Career and Transition Employment Services provides assistance in the acquisition of skills leading to employment. Services include internships, job training and job placement assistance.

Who can use Career and Transition Services?

  • Students with an IEP
  • Students must be at least 16 years old and two years prior to graduation
  • Students must have completed a vocational evaluation
  • Students must demonstrate positive classroom behaviors/coping skills that indicate potential to benefit from a semi-structured environment.
  • Students who have not been hospitalized or incarcerated within the past six months
  • Students adhere to the attendance policy of Chesterfield County Public Schools
  • Students who demonstrate the ability to work with intermittent supervision

How should students be referred?

Referral forms should be submitted to the transition coordinator by

  • Case manager
  • Guidance counselor
  • IEP team


What are internship services?

Career and Transition internship services helps students with disabilities gain skills for employment in the last two years of high school. The program focuses on

    • Vocational preferences and interests
    • Career exploration
    • Employer expectations
    • Students participate in an unpaid internship for up to seven weeks in a local business
    • Students focus on in-depth career exploration and job seeking and keeping skills.
    • Community work experiences help extend their exploration and work readiness skills.
    • Who should be contacted to access this program?
    • Student’s case manager
    • Transition Coordinator
    • Guidance Counselor


Career and Transition job placement services are offered to students with disabilities in their last two years of high school. Students are offered assistance with

  • Job leads
  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Job monitoring

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