Communication of Positive Test


In the interest of transparency and a continued trusting relationship between school-home, we plan to go above and beyond notification guidance recommended by state and federal health leaders:

  • Elementary schools
    • Students nor staff members will be identified by name.
    • COVID-positive students and staff members will be identified as “student” and “staff” along with their school name on the below listing.
    • Positive test results for all staff members (working in person or virtually) will be reported to staff and all families. 
    • Positive test results for any student participating in in-person learning will be reported to staff and all families. (Positive tests for virtual students will not be reported.)
    • Families of students on a bus where there is a positive case will be notified, as will appropriate Transportation Department staff.
  • Middle and high schools
    • Students nor staff members will be identified by name.
    • COVID-positive students and staff members will be identified as “student” and “staff” along with their school name on the below listing.
    • While only Cohort No. 1 students are in school, only staff and families of Cohort No. 1 students will be notified when there is a positive test at the school or within the family. Only the school site will be listed; no breakdown between “student” or “staff” to protect privacy rights of Cohort No. 1 students.
    • When Cohort No. 4 students return, positive test results for all staff members (working in person or virtually) will be reported to staff and all families. 
    • When Cohort No. 4 students return, positive test results for any student participating in in-person learning will be reported to staff and all families. (Positive tests for virtual students will not be reported.)
    •  Families of students on a bus where there is a positive case will be notified, as will appropriate Transportation Department staff.

Data from the previous day will be updated by 10 a.m. the following morning.


9/5/20Cosby HS
9/4/20Enon ES
9/10/20Chalkley ES
9/14/20Bon Air ES
9/14/20Robious ES
9/15Clover Hill ES
9/16/20Beulah ES
9/17/20James River HS
9/17/20Crestwood ES
9/18/20Davis MS
9/21/20Davis ES
9/21/20James River HS
9/21/20Central Office
9/21/20Clover Hill ES
9/23/20Swift Creek MS
9/24/20Hopkins ES
9/28/20Ecoff ES
9/30/20Bird HS
10/2/20Harrowgate ES
10/3/20Providence MS
10/5/20Clover Hill High (2)
10/6/20Salem Church MS
10/8/20Bensley ES
10/8/20Greenfield ES
10/12/20Central Office
10/15/20Watkins ES (student)
10/16/20Bon Air ES (student)
10/16/20Providence ES (contractor)
10/17/20Bon Air ES (staff)
10/17/20Spring Run ES (staff)
10/18/20Providence ES (staff)
10/18/20Bon Air ES (staff)
10/18/20Chalkley ES (student)
10/19/20Chalkley ES (student)
10/19/20Central Office
10/20/20James River HS (staff)
10/21/20Bailey Bridge MS (staff)
10/21/20Manchester MS (staff)
10/21/20Clover Hill HS (staff)
10/23/20Spring Run ES (staff)
10/23/20Hening ES (staff)
10/24/20Woolridge ES (staff)
10/26/20Beulah ES (student)
10/27/20Midlothian HS (staff)
10/27/20Providence MS (staff)
10/27/20Beulah ES (visitor)
10/27/20Gates ES (staff)
10/29/20Weaver ES (staff)
10/29/20Providence MS (staff)
10/29/20Woolridge ES (staff)
10/29/20Gates ES (staff)
10/30/20Gates ES (staff)
10/30/20Grange Hall ES (student)
10/30/20Grange Hall ES (student)
10/30/20Robious ES (student)
11/1/20Falling Creek ES (staff)
11/2/20Robious ES (student)
11/3/20Thomas Dale HS (student)
11/4/20Wells ES (student)
11/4/20Curtis ES (student)
11/4/20CTC@Courthouse (student)
11/5/20Gates ES (staff)
11/5/20Davis ES (student)
11/6/20Clover Hill ES (student)
11/6/20Bellwood ES (student)
11/6/20Bellwood ES (student)
11/6/20Bellwood ES (student)
11/8/20Davis MS (staff)
11/8/20Enon ES (student)
11/9/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/9/20Spring Run ES (student)
11/9/20Robious ES (staff)
11/10/20Thomas Dale HS (staff)
11/10/20Career and Techical Center (both campuses) (staff)
11/11/20Midlothian HS (student)
11/11/20Chalkley ES (staff)
11/11/20Falling Creek ES (staff)
11/12/20Central Office
11/12/20Davis MS (staff)
11/12/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/12/20Crestwood ES (student)
11/13/20Falling Creek ES (student)
11/13/20Cosby HS (staff)
11/13/20Wells ES (student)
11/13/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/13/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/14/20Clover Hill HS (staff)
11/15/20Tomahawk Creek MS (staff)
11/15/20Enon ES (staff)
11/16/20Clover Hill ES (staff)
11/16/20Evergreen ES (student)
11/16/20Thomas Dale HS (student)
11/16/20Thomas Dale HS (student)
11/16/20Midlothian HS (staff)
11/16/20Enon ES (staff)
11/17/20Swift Creek ES (student)
11/17/20Carver Academy (student)
11/17/20Alberta Smith ES (student)
11/17/20Midlothian MS (student)
11/17/20Meadowbrook HS (student)
11/18/20Cosby HS (student)
11/18/20Greenfield ES (staff)
11/18/20Tomahawk Creek MS (staff)
11/18/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/18/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/18/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/18/20Providence MS (staff)
11/18/20Reams ES (staff)
11/18/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/18/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/18/20Carver MS (student)
11/19/20CTC@Courthouse (student)
11/19/20Midlothian MS (staff)
11/19/20Bailey Bridge MS (student)
11/19/20Clover Hill HS (student)
11/19/20Carver MS (staff)
11/19/20Tomahawk Creek MS (staff)
11/20/20Grange Hall ES (student)
11/20/20Matoaca HS (student)
11/20/20Clover Hill HS/CTC@Hull (student)
11/21/20Reams ES (student)
11/22/20Grange Hall ES (student)
11/22/20Grange Hall ES (staff)
11/22/20Gordon ES (student)
11/22/20Bon Air ES (student)
11/22/20Bon Air ES (student)
11/22/20Clover Hill HS (student)
11/22/20Ecoff ES (staff)
11/22/20Davis ES (student)
11/22/20Midlothian MS (student)
11/23/20Tomahawk Creek MS (student)
11/23/20Elizabeth Davis MS (student)
11/23/20Robious MS (staff)
11/23/20Providence MS (student)
11/23/20James River HS (student)
11/23/20James River HS (student)
11/23/20Central Office
11/23/20Spring Run ES (staff)
11/23/20Davis ES (student)
11/23/20Cosby HS (student)
11/23/20Greenfield ES (staff)
11/23/20Midlothian HS (student)
11/24/20Clover Hill ES (staff)
11/24/20Robious MS (student)
11/24/20Monacan HS/CTC@Courthouse (student)
11/24/20Monacan HS (student)
11/24/20Monacan HS (student)
11/24/20Central Office
11/24/20Evergreen ES (staff)
11/24/20Midlothian HS (student)
11/24/20Swift Creek MS (staff)
11/25/20Monacan HS (staff)
11/25/20Meadowbrook HS (staff)
11/25/20Davis MS (staff)
11/25/20Gordon ES (staff)
11/26/20Meadowbrook HS (staff)
11/27/20Davis MS (staff)
11/28/20Greenfield ES (student)
11/28/20Greenfield ES (student)
11/29/20Gordon ES (staff)
11/29/20Chalkley ES (staff)
11/29/20Greenfield ES (staff)
11/29/20Carver MS
11/30/20Monacan HS
11/30/20Midlothian MS
11/30/20Gordon ES
11/30/20Gordon ES
11/30/20Central Office
12/1/20Central Office
12/1/20Cosby HS
12/1/20Harrowgate ES
12/2/20Spring Run ES
12/2/20Monacan HS
12/2/20Davis ES
12/3/20Thomas Dale HS
12/3/20Hening ES
12/4/20Thomas Dale HS
12/5/20Meadowbrook HS
12/7/20Elizabeth Scott ES
12/7/20Harrowgate ES
12/7/20Central Office
12/8/20Grange Hall ES
12/9/20Providence MS
12/10/20Salem Church ES
12/10/20Crenshaw ES
12/11/20Central Office
12/11/20Marguerite Christian ES
12/12/20Thomas Dale HS
12/12/20Ettrick ES
12/13/20Matoaca HS
12/14/20Monacan HS
12/14/20Central Office
12/14/20Carver Academy
12/14/20Thomas Dale HS
12/14/20Ettrick ES
12/15/20Bird HS
12/15/20Meadowbrook HS
12/15/20Hening ES
12/15/20Hening/Chalkley ES
12/15/20Central Office
12/15/20Old Hundred ES
12/16/20Bon Air ES
12/16/20Crenshaw ES
12/16/20Wells ES
12/16/20Midlothian HS
12/16/20Curtis ES
12/16/20Cosby HS
12/16/20Providence MS
12/17/20Bensley ES
12/17/20Bensley ES
12/17/20Grange Hall ES
12/18/20Marguerite Christian ES
12/19/20Gordon ES
12/19/20Davis ES
12/20/20Matoaca HS
12/21/20Matoaca HS
12/22/20Bird HS
12/22/20Woolridge ES
12//22/20Evergreen ES
12/22/20Hening ES
12/22/20Ettrick ES
12/22/20Evergreen ES
12/22/20Weaver ES
12/22/20Reams ES
12/22/20Matoaca HS
12/23/20Clover Hill HS
12/23/20Matoaca HS
12/24/20Cosby HS
12/25/20Cosby HS
12/25/20Midlothian HS
12/26/20Cosby HS
12/26/20Cosby HS
12/26/20Central Office
12/27/20Woolridge ES
12/27/20Bird HS
12/27/20James River HS
12/27/20Midlothian HS
12/28/20Cosby HS
12/28/20Woolridge ES
12/28/20Woolridge ES
12/28/20Bon Air ES
12/29/20Midlothian HS
12/30/20Central Office
12/30/20Central Office
12/30/20Central Office
12/31/20Manchester HS
1/2/21Bird HS
1/2/21Monacan HS
1/4/21James River HS
1/4/21James River HS
1/4/21Bird HS
1/6/21Providence MS
1/6/21Clover Hill HS
1/6/21Providence ES
1/7/21Marguerite Christian ES
1/7/21James River HS
1/7/21Meadowbrook HS
1/7/21Davis MS
1/7/21Swift Creek ES
1/7/21Woolridge ES
1//7/21Ecoff ES
1/7/21Falling Creek MS
1/7/21Cosby HS
1/7/21Cosby HS
1/7/21Matoaca ES
1/7/21Old Hundred ES
1/7/21Clover Hill HS
1/7/21Spring Run ES
1/7/21Harrowgate ES
1/8/21Enon ES
1/8/21Thomas Dale HS
1/8/21Matoaca MS
1/8/21Matoaca MS
1/8/21Bird HS
1/8/21Carver MS
1/8/21Crestwood ES
1/9/21Thomas Dale HS
1/9/21Thomas Dale HS
1/9/21Bensley ES
1/10/21Bird HS
1/10/21Clover Hill HS
1/10/21Midlothian HS
1/10/21Crestwood ES
1/10/21Crestwood ES
1/11/21Falling Creek MS
1/11/21Cosby HS
1/11/21Ecoff ES
1/11/21Ecoff ES
1/11/21Watkins/Old Hundred ES
1/11/21Clover Hill HS
1/11/21Thomas Dale HS
1/11/21Beulah ES
1/12/21Providence ES
1/12/21Bird HS
1/12/21Bird HS
1/12/21Thomas Dale HS
1/12/21Midlothian HS
1/12/21Monacan HS
1/13/21Ecoff ES
1/13/21Thomas Dale HS
1/13/21Robious MS
1/13/21Cosby HS
1/13/21Cosby HS
1/13/21Salem Church ES
1/14/21Ecoff ES
1/14/21Robious ES/Weaver ES
1/14/21Thomas Dale HS
1/14/21Winterpock ES
1/14/21Davis ES
1/14/21Davis MS
1/14/21Monacan HS
1/14/21Watkins/Old Hundred ES
1/15/21Thomas Dale HS
1/15/21Cosby HS
1/15/21Bird HS
1/16/21Providence ES
1/16/21Bird HS
1/18/21Chalkley ES
1/18/21Evergreen ES
1/18/21James River HS
1/18/21James River HS
1/18/21James River HS
1/18/21Falling Creek MS
1/18/21Greenfield ES
1/18/21Robious MS
1/19/21Central Office
1/19/21Davis MS
1/19/21Central Office
1/19/21Manchester HS
1/19/21Manchester HS
1/19/21Matoaca ES
1/19/21Matoaca HS
1/19/21Matoaca MS
1/19/21Salem Church MS
1/19/21Elizabeth Scott ES
1/20/21Cosby HS
1/20/21Manchester HS
1/20/21Matoaca HS
1/20/21Midlothian HS
1/20/21Providence MS
1/21/21Salem Church MS
1/21/21Central Office
1/21/21Spring Run ES
1/21/21Watkins ES
1/22/21Cosby HS
1/22/21Robious ES
1/22/21Robious ES
1/23/21Grange Hall ES
1/23/21Central Office
1/23/21Manchester HS
1/23/21Meadowbrook HS
1/23/21Monacan HS
1/23/21Spring Run ES
1/24/21Winterpock ES
1/25/21Evergreen ES
1/25/21Gates ES
1/25/21Spring Run ES
1/25/21Providence MS
1/25/21Central Office
1/26/21Cosby HS
1/26/21Evergreen ES
1/26/21Central Office
1/27/21Beulah ES
1/27/21Bird HS
1/27/21Davis MS
1/27/21Hopkins ES
1/27/21Central Office
1/27/21Manchester HS
1/27/21Meadowbrook HS
1/27/21Thomas Dale HS
1/28/21Carver MS
1/28/21Davis MS
1/28/21Falling Creek MS
1/28/21Marguerite Christian ES
1/28/21Robious MS
1/28/21Thomas Dale HS
1/28/21Watkins, Woolridge and Spring Run ES
1/29/21Bon Air ES
1/29/21Cosby HS
1/29/21Manchester HS
1/29/21Thomas Dale HS
1/31/21Gates ES
1/31/21Gates ES
1/31/21Jacobs Road ES
1/31/21Spring Run ES
1/31/21Thomas Dale HS
1/31/21Wells ES
2/1/21Bellwood/Beulah ES
2/1/21Central Office
2/1/21Matoaca MS
2/1/21Swift Creek ES
2/1/21Thomas Dale HS
2/1/21Thomas Dale HS
2/1/21Providence MS
2/2/21Harrowgate ES (staff)
2/2/21Scott ES (staff)
2/3/21Bellwood ES (staff)
2/3/21Bird HS
2/3/21Elizabeth Davis MS
2/3/21Ettrick/Matoaca ES (staff)
2/3/21Gordon ES (staff)
2/3/21Grange Hall ES (student)
2/3/21Grange Hall ES (student)
2/3/21Grange Hall ES (student)
2/3/21Jacobs Road ES (student)
2/3/21Providence ES (staff)
2/3/21Salem Elementary (student)
2/4/21Bird HS
2/4/21Clover Hill ES (staff)
2/4/21CTC@Hull (staff)
2/4/21Matoaca MS
2/4/21Midlothian HS
2/4/21Monacan HS
2/4/21Reams ES (staff)
2/4/21Elizabeth Scott ES (staff)
2/4/21Winterpock ES (student)
2/5/21Transportation (staff)
2/5/21Crenshaw ES (staff)
2/5/21Crestwood ES (staff)
2/5/21Davis ES (staff)
2/5/21Gates ES (student)
2/5/21Alternative Education (student)
2/5/21Alternative Education (student)
2/5/21Providence MS
2/5/21Spring Run ES (student)
2/5/21Swift Creek ES (staff)
2/5/21Swift Creek MS
2/6/21Crenshaw ES (staff)
2/6/21Crenshaw ES (staff)
2/6/21Alberta Smith ES (student)
2/6/21Alberta Smith ES (staff
2/6/21Spring Run ES (student)
2/6/21Spring Run ES (student)
2/7/21Clover Hill HS
2/7/21Crestwood ES (student)
2/7/21Ecoff ES (staff)
2/7/21Robious ES (staff)
2/7/21Smith ES (student)
2/8/21Bellwood ES (student)
2/8/21Bird HS
2/8/21Bird HS
2/8/21Bird HS
2/8/21Davis ES (student)
2/8/21Ecoff ES (student)
2/8/21Jacobs Road ES (student)
2/8/21Salem Church ES (student)
2/8/21Thomas Dale HS
2/8/21Woolridge ES (student)
2/8/21Clover Hill, Old Hundred, Robious, Swift Creek ES (staff)
2/9/21Beulah ES (student)
2/9/21Falling Creek MS
2/9/21Jacobs Road ES (student)
2/9/21Meadowbrook HS
2/9/21Monacan HS
2/9/21Monacan HS
2/9/21Providence MS
2/10/21Chalkley ES (student)
2/10/21Ettrick ES (staff)
2/10/21Greenfield ES (staff)
2/10/21Jacobs Road ES (student)
2/10/21Marguerite Christian ES (staff)
2/10/21Swift Creek MS
2/11/21Bird HS
2/11/21Clover Hill HS
2/11/21Clover Hill HS
2/11/21CTC@Courthouse (student)
2/11/21Ecoff ES (staff)
2/11/21Evergreen ES (student)
2/11/21Grange Hall ES (student)
2/11/21Meadowbrook HS
2/11/21Marguerite Christian ES (student)
2/11/21Midlothian HS
2/11/21Old Hundred ES (student
2/11/21Providence MS
2/13/21Bon Air ES (student)
2/14/21Chalkley ES (staff)
2/15/21Beulah ES (staff)
2/15/21Woolridge ES (staff)
2/16/21Bellwood ES (staff)
2/16/21Crenshaw ES (student)
2/16/21Providence MS (staff)
2/17/21Bellwood ES (student)
2/17/21CTC@Courthouse (student)
2/17/21CTC@Courthouse (student)
2/17/21CTC@Courthouse (student)
2/17/21CTC@Courthouse (student)
2/17/21Enon ES (student)
2/17/21Enon ES (staff)
2/17/21Hening ES (student)
2/17/21Swift Creek ES (student)
2/19/21Falling Creek MS
2/19/21Falling Creek MS
2/19/21Swift Creek MS
2/20/21Ecoff ES (staff)
2/20/21Winterpock ES (staff)
2/20/21Winterpock ES (staff)
2/21/21Falling Creek ES (staff)
2/21/21Providence ES (student)
2/21/21Winterpock ES (student)
2/22/21Greenfield ES (student)
2/22/21Hening ES (student)
2/22/21Matoaca ES (student)
2/22/21Watkins ES (student)
2/23/21Clover Hill HS
2/23/21A.M. Davis ES (student)
2/23/21A.M. Davis ES (student)
2/23/21Matoaca ES (student)
2/23/21Salem Church ES (staff)
2/24/21Harrowgate ES (student)
2/25/21Beulah ES (student)
2/25/21Spring Run ES (student)
2/26/21Grange Hall ES (student)
2/26/21Meadowbrook HS
3/1/21Clover Hill ES (student)
3/1/21Curtis ES (student)
3/1/21Grange Hall ES (student)
3/1/21Grange Hall ES (student)
3/1/21James River HS
3/1/21Elizabeth Scott ES (student)
3/1/21Spring Run ES (student)
3/2/21Cosby HS
3/3/21Curtis ES (student)
3/3/21Elizabeth Davis MS
3/3/21Manchester HS
3/3/21Matoaca HS
3/3/21Elizabeth Scott ES (student)
3/4/21Central Office
3/4/21Central Office

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