Communication of Positive Test


How have you communicated positive cases within a school building?

Given we are largely closed to the public, we have followed VDH and CDC guidance regarding individual notifications: Notifying staff in a facility who came into close contact with the infected employee. (VDH: Close contact defined as within 6 feet for 15 minutes or longer.)

How will you communicate positive cases in a school building or on a bus?

In the interest of transparency and a continued trusting relationship between school-home, we plan to go above and beyond the VDH and CDC guidance:

  • Once staff returns for virtual learning: Will notify all staff members in a building if there is a positive case within the facility; name of individual infected will not be shared; work directly regarding need for quarantine
  • (DURING COHORT NO. 1) Once students return for in-person instruction: Will notify all staff/families if there is a positive case in facility/on bus; name of individual infected will not be shared; work directly regarding need for quarantine. (The general school population will not be notified at this time because of the small number of students in attendance that would make such notification self-identifiable and violate student privacy rights.)
  • (ONCE COHORT NO. 2 RETURNS TO SCHOOL) Once students return for in-person instruction: Will notify all staff/families if there is a positive case in facility/on bus; name of individual infected will not be shared; work directly regarding need for quarantine

Data from the previous day will be updated by 10 a.m. the following morning.


9/5/20Cosby HS
9/4/20Enon ES
9/10/20Chalkley ES
9/14/20Bon Air ES
9/14/20Robious ES
9/15Clover Hill ES
9/16/20Beulah ES
9/17/20James River HS
9/17/20Crestwood ES
9/18/20Davis MS
9/21/20Davis ES
9/21/20James River HS
9/21/20Central Office
9/21/20Clover Hill ES
9/23/20Swift Creek MS
9/24/20Hopkins ES
9/28/20Ecoff ES
9/30/20Bird HS
10/2/20Harrowgate ES
10/3/20Providence MS
10/5/20Clover Hill High (2)
10/6/20Salem Church MS
10/8/20Bensley ES
10/8/20Greenfield ES
10/12/20Central Office
10/15/20Watkins ES (student)
10/16/20Bon Air ES (student)
10/16/20Providence ES (contractor)
10/17/20Bon Air ES (staff)
10/17/20Spring Run ES (staff)
10/18/20Providence ES (staff)
10/18/20Bon Air ES (staff)
10/18/20Chalkley ES (student)
10/19/20Chalkley ES (student)
10/19/20Central Office
10/20/20James River HS (staff)
10/21/20Bailey Bridge MS (staff)
10/21/20Manchester MS (staff)
10/21/20Clover Hill HS (staff)
10/23/20Spring Run ES (staff)
10/23/20Hening ES (staff)
10/24/20Woolridge ES (staff)
10/26/20Beulah ES (student)
10/27/20Midlothian HS (staff)
10/27/20Providence MS (staff)
10/27/20Beulah ES (visitor)
10/27/20Gates ES (staff)
10/29/20Weaver ES (staff)
10/29/20Providence MS (staff)
10/29/20Woolridge ES (staff)
10/29/20Gates ES (staff)
10/30/20Gates ES (staff)
10/30/20Grange Hall ES (student)
10/30/20Grange Hall ES (student)
10/30/20Robious ES (student)
11/1/20Falling Creek ES (staff)
11/2/20Robious ES (student)
11/3/20Thomas Dale HS (student)
11/4/20Wells ES (student)
11/4/20Curtis ES (student)
11/4/20CTC@Courthouse (student)
11/5/20Gates ES (staff)
11/5/20Davis ES (student)
11/6/20Clover Hill ES (student)
11/6/20Bellwood ES (student)
11/6/20Bellwood ES (student)
11/6/20Bellwood ES (student)
11/8/20Davis MS (staff)
11/8/20Enon ES (student)
11/9/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/9/20Spring Run ES (student)
11/9/20Robious ES (staff)
11/10/20Thomas Dale HS (staff)
11/10/20Career and Techical Center (both campuses) (staff)
11/11/20Midlothian HS (student)
11/11/20Chalkley ES (staff)
11/11/20Falling Creek ES (staff)
11/12/20Central Office
11/12/20Davis MS (staff)
11/12/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/12/20Crestwood ES (student)
11/13/20Falling Creek ES (student)
11/13/20Cosby HS (staff)
11/13/20Wells ES (student)
11/13/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/13/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/14/20Clover Hill HS (staff)
11/15/20Tomahawk Creek MS (staff)
11/15/20Enon ES (staff)
11/16/20Clover Hill ES (staff)
11/16/20Evergreen ES (student)
11/16/20Thomas Dale HS (student)
11/16/20Thomas Dale HS (student)
11/16/20Midlothian HS (staff)
11/16/20Enon ES (staff)
11/17/20Swift Creek ES (student)
11/17/20Carver Academy (student)
11/17/20Alberta Smith ES (student)
11/17/20Midlothian MS (student)
11/17/20Meadowbrook HS (student)
11/18/20Cosby HS (student)
11/18/20Greenfield ES (staff)
11/18/20Tomahawk Creek MS (staff)
11/18/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/18/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/18/20Winterpock ES (student)
11/18/20Providence MS (staff)
11/18/20Reams ES (staff)
11/18/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/18/20Jacobs Road ES (student)
11/18/20Carver MS (student)
11/19/20CTC@Courthouse (student)
11/19/20Midlothian MS (staff)
11/19/20Bailey Bridge MS (student)
11/19/20Clover Hill HS (student)
11/19/20Carver MS (staff)
11/19/20Tomahawk Creek MS (staff)
11/20/20Grange Hall ES (student)
11/20/20Matoaca HS (student)
11/20/20Clover Hill HS/CTC@Hull (student)
11/21/20Reams ES (student)
11/22/20Grange Hall ES (student)
11/22/20Grange Hall ES (staff)
11/22/20Gordon ES (student)
11/22/20Bon Air ES (student)
11/22/20Bon Air ES (student)
11/22/20Clover Hill HS (student)
11/22/20Ecoff ES (staff)
11/22/20Davis ES (student)
11/22/20Midlothian MS (student)
11/23/20Tomahawk Creek MS (student)
11/23/20Elizabeth Davis MS (student)
11/23/20Robious MS (staff)
11/23/20Providence MS (student)
11/23/20James River HS (student)
11/23/20James River HS (student)
11/23/20Central Office
11/23/20Spring Run ES (staff)
11/23/20Davis ES (student)
11/23/20Cosby HS (student)
11/23/20Greenfield ES (staff)
11/23/20Midlothian HS (student)
11/24/20Clover Hill ES (staff)
11/24/20Robious MS (student)
11/24/20Monacan HS/CTC@Courthouse (student)
11/24/20Monacan HS (student)
11/24/20Monacan HS (student)
11/24/20Central Office
11/24/20Evergreen ES (staff)
11/24/20Midlothian HS (student)
11/24/20Swift Creek MS (staff)
11/25/20Monacan HS (staff)
11/25/20Meadowbrook HS (staff)
11/25/20Davis MS (staff)
11/25/20Gordon ES (staff)
11/26/20Meadowbrook HS (staff)
11/27/20Davis MS (staff)
11/28/20Greenfield ES (student)
11/28/20Greenfield ES (student)
11/29/20Gordon ES (staff)
11/29/20Chalkley ES (staff)
11/29/20Greenfield ES (staff)
11/30/20Monacan HS
11/30/20Midlothian MS
11/30/20Gordon ES
11/30/20Gordon ES
11/30/20Central Office
12/1/20Central Office
12/1/20Cosby HS
12/2/20Spring Run ES
12/2/20Monacan HS
12/2/20Davis ES
12/3/20Thomas Dale HS
12/3/20Hening ES

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