Course scheduling is wrapping up for Chesterfield middle and high school students

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Scheduling for the 2021-22 school year is underway for Chesterfield County middle and high school students, but the end of the scheduling window rapidly is approaching. Students have been learning about the many academic opportunities available to them, so they can make informed decisions about their future.

All students have varying interests and academic needs, and selecting electives or choosing an academic placement for core subjects may seem like a daunting task for students and families. Whether they are a rising sixth-grader or a rising high school senior, all students have several opportunities to increase rigor in different subject areas.

Honors, accelerated, Advanced Placement or dual enrollment courses are available to all students who feel they are ready to pursue a more rigorous learning path. Parents and students are encouraged to consult the CCPS Program of Studies to learn more about the courses available to middle and high school students. Another excellent resource for students who are unsure of what these opportunities entail are school counselors and teachers, who have the professional knowledge to help students navigate these options and come to an informed decision.

Elective classes in both middle and high school offer students an avenue to explore a variety of future career paths and support areas of interests. Most students are aware of elective options in the arts, music and world languages, but they may not know as much about other programs, such as JROTC and career and technical education (CTE).

One option for students would be courses offered through the CTE programs. The electives they offer have expanded over the years to allow students more opportunities to explore potential college and career paths through hands-on courses designed to support specific interests. CTE courses prepare students with the skills, knowledge and credentials they need to be successful post-graduation. Families can learn more about CTE programs by visiting their website or by listening to this Engage Chesterfield podcast.

Another option for students are courses offered through CCPSOnline. This program is built for flexibility and offers all students the opportunity to take select middle school courses and high school credit courses online. For the past 15 years, CCPSOnline primarily has served high school students who needed to take courses in order to free space in their schedule to attend a specialty center, career and technical center, or to access advanced coursework in later years.

Families can learn more about CCPSOnline by visiting their website.

During the last month, middle and high school counselors have worked with students about the online course selection process through StudentVue. The scheduling season is soon coming to an end. Parents can check their student’s progress and completion of the course selection process through StudentVue or ParentVue and direct questions to their child’s school counselor. Each middle and high school has a different scheduling window. Families who did not receive emails regarding scheduling options or virtual informational events should contact the school for missed information. Students and families who have any questions or need assistance making decisions should contact the child’s school counselor.

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