Ambassadors are a group of students who have been selected for their leadership qualities to meet and make our school and community a better place. There are two to three Ambassadors for each House group.  These students meet outside of school hours and focus on a different project each month.  They are also the sponsors for the Crenshaw Talent Show!  Please contact Mrs. Pontius for more information.

Lisa Pontius
SCA Sponsor

This club is the entire month of October (4 weeks) and ends with a really cool run and event at Byrd Park on October 26th! Ms. Will has the Crenshaw Run Club split into 2 different days: Wednesday’s (K-2) and Thursday’s (3-5) from 2:30-3:30! At the final event on October 26, students and coaches are given a Crenshaw run club t-shirt and the students run a mile. Please see information in folders about Run Club or contact Ms. Will with any questions.

Crenshaw’s STEAM Team is a club for students to use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics to solve problems.  Students work together in teams to solve challenges and create projects to fit requirements with given supplies.  In January, the Team competes in the CCPS STEAMmania competition.   We are allowed to accept 36 team members for the K-2 team and another 36 for the 3-5 team.  Team members are selected through a lottery system.  

STEAM club is divided into three groups–Hawking, Jemison, and Pascal.  Placement for each group is based on multiple factors, such as transportation, sibling placement, and availability.  STEAM meetings are on a 3 week rotation on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00.  Meetings begin the week of September 17.  The final meeting is January 7, 2020 when all 3 groups meet together.  Please contact Mrs. Craig with questions at [email protected]

After School Enrichment classes are offered a couple times throughout the year.  Please see the attached flier for more information!

ASEP 2019

To promote cross-aged relationships within the Crenshaw community, each student is divided into one of four houses and will remain in this house during their time at Crenshaw.  To learn more about this exciting program view the video link below!  The houses are York (yellow), Rappahannock (red), Potomac (green), and James (blue).

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