Fifth Grade
The Basics
In preparation for middle school and beyond, we will be doing much of our learning and communication through the Web! You will become familiar with twenty first century communication practices like ParentVue, Google Classroom and Canvas. In addition, you will participate in both independent and group projects where you will stretch your thinking and apply your creative skills. Fun engineering and science projects are also planned. You will go on field trips, taking the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom, and applying it to real world situations. This is also an exciting year as service opportunities in the school setting are available, such as safety patrols, student council, and recess helpers.
Language Arts
To develop an appreciation for literature, our year will be spent reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections and novels. You will explore the world of writing using more than just a pencil and paper!

Problem-solving strategies, logical reasoning skills, and algebraic thinking skills continue to be developed and refined. Work continues with numbers and operations on whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Students explore topics in measurement, geometry, data analysis, and probability.

Accelerated Math

Number characteristics, proportions, statistics, geometry, and both computation and relationships of integers, fractions, decimals, and percents. These topics, along with an introduction to algebraic symbolism and application of various formulas, prepare students for higher levels of math.


Our scientific investigations will help us understand sound and visible light and the ocean environment. We discover that Earth’s surface is constantly changing and study classification and the structure of cells in plants and animals.

Social Studies

Get ready to apply your critical thinking skills including sequencing, categorizing, summarizing information, and drawing inferences and conclusions. Globes, atlases, maps, and the internet are our tools to discover the world’s geography, history, and culture. Our World Studies units will include North & South America, Europe, and Asia just to name a few!

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