Curriculum Overview

The course information is now posted on the CTE Resource Center’s Website in Verso.

Please find your courses by going to the Center’s home page at and clicking on Verso. Then search for the course titles that you would like.

As in the past, we are publishing not only the task lists and student competency records on June 1, but also all accompanying course framework information, when available. For each course posted, the following accompanying information is included:

  • Task List with Task Definitions
  • By-Task SOL Correlation
  • By-Course SOL Correlation
  • Course Description
  • Industry Certifications, when appropriate
  • Correlations to Industry or National Standards, when appropriate
  • Correlations to Student Organization Information
  • Supplemental Teaching Resources, when available
  • Student Competency Record


Academic and CTE Collaboration

Career Planning Guide

Career Clusters