Continuation Information

Our programs are made up of 3 elective credits. You will notice some credits are semester credits and some are full year credits.

Semester: Credits that are completed within one semester. Essentially, students are taking a full course in the Fall Semester (August – January) and a full course in the Spring Semester (February – June). Both semesters will earn final grades that are calculated into the student’s cumulative GPA. It is very important student’s pass the Fall semester course so they are able to move on to the Spring semester. Failing the Fall semester course may result in the student not earning all 3 credits.

Full Year: Some programs have credits that start in August and end in June. These are full year credits, similar to your standard high school class.

Students who earn a passing grade and are in compliance with the course required hours are eligible to continue into the second year of their program, or an approved related course.

If a current student wants to go a different direction they may apply for a new Tech Center course through the Application for CCTC

If you have any questions you may contact School Counseling Coordinator,

If requirements are met students will have the following options:

Automotive Collision I – Automotive Collision II
Automotive Technology I – Auto Tech II
Baking & Pastry Arts – students have the option to continue to Baking II or Culinary II
Barbering I – Barbering II
Computer Networking I – Computer Networking II
Cosmetology I – Cosmetology II
Culinary Arts – students have the option to continue to Baking II or Culinary II
Dental Occupations I – Dental II
Early Childhood Education – Early Childhood Education II
Early Childhood Education – VA Teachers for Tomorrow
Environmental Biotechnology – Plant Systems & Floriculture
Medical Assistant I – Medical Assistant II
Nurse Aide I – Nurse Aide II
Physical & Occupational Therapy I – Physical & Occupational Therapy II
Plant Systems & Floriculture – Environmental Biotechnology
Trades – students will have the option to go to another trade course or WBL