Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a transition year between the primary and upper grades. This means that there are even greater expectations in the areas of organization, self-directed learning, and responsibility. Nightly homework in several subjects is to be expected along with more rigorous and open-ended assignments. These high expectations will create students who are prepared to work and succeed in the 21st century.

Language and Literacy

For many students in 4th grade, the focus in reading turns from learning to read to reading to learn.  Students continue to receive differentiated instruction in small groups to practice applying the reading strategies taught in whole group.  In anticipation of the Writing Predictor Test in March, writing instruction will concentrate on application of the six writing traits:  ideas, organization, conventions, word choice, sentence fluency, and voice.  Word study groups are also established based on individual student needs with skills developed on a continuum.


New math standards are more rigorous than in previous years with increased emphasis on application of skills, multi-step problems, technology enhanced items, and questions with more than one answer.  Computation skills are taught more conceptually than in the past in order to help the students understand the thinking behind the algorithms.


Science is part of everything we do and everywhere we go; from the plants in the yard, to the weather and stars outside, to the lights we turn on when entering a room.  Students investigate a wide array of topics with hands-on activities that help them understand and appreciate the world around them.  The Children’s Museum in Richmond is an excellent resource for a day of exploration and fun.

Virginia Studies

We are fortunate to live in a state with such a rich history beginning with the first permanent English settlement up through the present time.  The students learn how the diversity of Virginia’s people and cultures contribute to the economic, political, and social foundation of our country.  Numerous opportunities are available throughout Virginia for family hikes, field trips, and site seeing.  Take the time to explore and enjoy our beautiful and historical state.