Librarian: Sarah Allen
Itinerant Librarian: Judy Ayscue (Mondays)
Library Assistant: Marianne Goble

Welcome to the Curtis Library page! Within the walls of our library are many exciting reading adventures just waiting for you to take home and enjoy!! In addition to printed materials, your child is also able to access and use many exciting databases for research and learning twenty-four hours a day. We are looking forward to encouraging your child to go on many reading adventures this year!

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Chesterfield County Public School libraries is to empower students and staff through the direction and guidance of certified school librarians to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users/creators of information in support of student achievement in a global environment.

Reading is an adventure…where have you traveled today?

The Curtis Library is open from 9:10 to 3:45 each school day.  Each class has a library lesson every week and students are able to check out books (K through 2) and books and magazines (3rd through 5th) each week when they come to Library class.

Kindergarten students will be able to check out books once they have successfully completed their book care lessons.  This is usually completed by the third week in September.  Parents please help your child do her/his best to take care of the books they have borrowed from Curtis.  A letter will come home with their very first book outlining the book care lessons that have been covered in class.

Students with overdue books are not assessed daily fines, however students with lost or damaged books are assessed a book replacement fee.  Once the replacement fee is paid, regular book check out can resume.

Reading is an adventure…where have you traveled today?