Alternative Programs

Academy 360

  • Academy 360 is a program for eighth grade students that are over aged for grade level. Students take a combination of 8th and 9th grade courses, allowing them to catch up to their intended grade level.
  • Mission/Vision:  A360 provides a safe learning environment and non-traditional option for middle school students to enhance their social and study skills and achieve academic success.

If you have any questions about Academy 360 please contact the Dean of Students for Academy 360,Ms. Tiffany Byrd  cell# 804-263-4821.  Or the Coordinator of Alternative Programs, Ms. Rebecca Harmon cell#804-398-0581

Academy 360 Transportation

Academy 360 students will take the high school bus from their home, to their home high school.  Students will take Health/PE 9 during 1st period.  Then after 1st period, students will get on a bus which will take them to the Chesterfield Technical Center at Hull Street.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is an alternative program to serve students who have been removed from the comprehensive high school or middle school setting for disciplinary reasons.  Students are placed in these programs by the Office of Student Conduct.   Students in the Connections Academy will continue to work with their home school and receive instruction and assessments through their home school.  Connections Academy teachers work as liaisons for these students and facilitators while students are at Connections.

Connections Academy is located at Carver College and Career Academy at 12400 Branders Bridge Road in Chester. 

Connections Day is for 7th and 8th grade students, students attend the program from 2:30-6:30 PM.

Connections Night is for high school students, students attend the program from 5:00-8:00 PM

Staff list

You can also contact the Coordinator of Alternative Programs, cell# 804-398-0581

The Phoenix Center

The Phoenix Center provides opportunities to learn in a non-traditional high school setting. We celebrate student successes throughout the year, and pride ourselves on growth. We have committed professionals who support our students to help them reach their full potential. To be considered for any of the programs offered through the Phoenix Center, a referral needs to be submitted by the student’s school counselor.  Programs available include:

  • Online High School – Students work on their traditional high school courses using Edgenuity, while having the face-to-face support of a classroom teacher. Our teachers thrive on relationship-building, trauma-informed care and restorative practices to ensure success. This program is held at the CTC at Courthouse Rd.
  • Credit Recovery/Re-engagement – This program is designed to allow students who are unable to earn credits in the traditional school setting the opportunity to earn credits using a web-based program to work towards graduation requirements.  This program is for students who needed fewer than 4 credits towards graduation. Students enrolled in the program will be able to take core content courses in the areas of Science, English and Mathematics, in addition to Economics and Personal Finance.  Additional courses may be available after discussion and planning with the student’s school counselor. This program is held two nights per week at Carver Academy. 
  • ISAEP Program (Secondary GED Program)-Some students between the ages of 16-18 are not ready to complete high school in a traditional manner.  Chesterfield County Public Schools offer preparation programs to assist students in developing the skills necessary to successfully pass the General Educational Development (GED) tests.  GED tests measure the academic skills and knowledge students are expected to acquire during four years of high school.  The GED test battery consists of 4 tests: social studies, science, language arts, and mathematics. The students also need to complete an online course in Economics and Personal Finance and Workplace Readiness. This program is held at Carver Academy.
  • Remediation Program-Instruction is provided through a blended learning model, utilizing both online resources and direct instruction.  The focus of instruction is on reading comprehension and math.  The goal of the program is to help students meet eligibility requirements for the ISAEP program.  This program is held at CTC at Courthouse Rd.

If you have any questions about any of the programs offered by the Phoenix Center, please contact Missy Radtke at 768-6165.

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