Recommended Changes to Grading Practices, Reporting and Student Recognition

A March 12 presentation to the School Board provided recommendations for the Board to consider from a work group tasked with looking at practices pertaining to student performance and recognition. The task force generated several recommendations for review. Information about the presentation and the research considered when generating recommendations is available here.

Contrary to an assertion made by a teacher that has circulated throughout the community, it’s important to note that these are strictly recommendations.

No action has been taken on any of the recommendations. Imagine Tomorrow, the school division’s new strategic plan, includes a vision, mission, goals, strategies and measurable objectives. The recommendations related to grading practices, reporting and student recognition are potential methods for implementing strategies that have not been approved and/or put into policy.

The task force recommendations do attempt to provide every student with access to a high-quality learning experience while they attend Chesterfield County Public Schools. The recommendations do not eliminate learning opportunities like specialty centers and they continue to provide robust career and technical education opportunities with a variety of career pathways that successfully lead students directly into the work world.

The School Board continues to study the recommendations, and will let staff know a priority order for review and discussion. The Board does not plan to engage the public and/or consider taking action on any of the recommendations prior to the end of the 2019-20 school year. It is likely that the recommendation related to the removal of barriers to rigorous course work will be among the first items discussed. Extensive public input opportunities will be offered as individual items come forward to the Board for consideration.

At the request of the School Board, materials related to each item that were used by the work group have been added below the March 12 presentation so that the public can see information that was shared within the group as it discussed these topics.

The school division is focused on creating a better tomorrow for all students and enhancing the work of our already-successful schools. We look forward to hearing community input on the recommendations as they come forward in the future.

Access for all to advanced coursework and highest levels of the curriculum


Eliminate Current Final and Mid-Term Exam Structure


Implement K-12 Learning portfolio of evidence with exhibition of learning


Rebalance weighted GPA value for all secondary courses


Switch to Latin Honors System, eliminating class rank


Redesign current accelerated and double accelerated mathematics pathways 3-7


7a - Establish a K-12 standards-based grading system

7b - Establish policy and guidelines to address zero grades

7c - Adopt a One-Time Report Card with regular progress updates