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Statement of Purpose

Homebound Services is a part of the Department Special Education.  Homebound instruction is designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home setting for students whose medical needs indicate that school attendance is not advisable.  Additionally, homebound instruction may be used to supplement the classroom program for health-impaired children whose conditions may interfere with consistent school attendance (e.g. students receiving dialysis, radiation, or chemotherapy treatments).  Homebound instruction is temporary.  The goal of homebound instruction is to facilitate the student’s return to the current classroom setting as soon as medically indicated.  Homebound Instruction is an instructional bridge for students who must leave the classroom until they are able to return, and is not intended to be a long-term placement for student instruction. Homebound services will not be approved for absences related to family care or illness. Prior to the initiation of homebound services, parents and school based staff should explore instructional options for the student.

The school division is responsible for providing homebound instructional services to enrolled students who are approved and are temporarily confined at home or in a healthcare facility. Students who are enrolled in the school division who are confined in another county or city in VA and to qualified students confined in another state, if eligibility requirements are met. 

Eligibility for homebound services does not remove a student from their current enrollment in their school, as Homebound Instruction is not a seperate school.  A student will remain a student of their school and the school remains responsible for the student and student record keeping

Homebound Services Delivery Models

The Homebound Instruction Specialist makes the assignments for homebound based on the needs of each individual student.   The student will remain a student of their school and the school is responsible for all grades, testing, assessments, and communication.  Once approved, one of the following options or a combination of these options may be used:

  1. School will assign a homebound teacher and instructional materials will be provided by the classroom teacher(s) 
  2. Instruction is provided using an online instruction model with instructional support from the school’s online teacher and/or an assigned Homebound teacher who will either provide services in the Home/Community setting, a Virtual setting, or one of the Homebound labs.
  3. A combination of classroom and online classes.  Schools will assign a homebound teacher. Instructional support will be provided by either the assigned Homebound teacher or lab staff who will provide services in the Home/Community Setting, Virtual Setting, or one of the Homebound Labs.

Instruction is provided by a Homebound teacher licensed in Virginia, but who may not be endorsed in the subject area being taught.

Requesting Homebound Services 

Parents are encouraged to work with the school counselors, teachers, administrators and staff prior to requesting homebound. If Homebound services are appropriate, a completed Medical Certification of Need must be submitted by the parent to Homebound Services. You may request a Medical Certification of Need form from your schoolParents will be responsible for ensuring all requested information is submitted properly on the Medical Certification of Need form and physician documentation.

Students who are approved for homebound services:

If a student has an IEP, the IEP team must meet once homebound is approved to consider the change in placement prior to the initiation of homebound services.  A copy of the IEP should be submitted by school staff to the Homebound Services Department.

If a student has a 504, a copy of the current 504 plan must be submitted by school staff to the Homebound Services Department.

Parent and Student Responsibilities For Homebound:

Parents/guardians and students are a key part of the homebound process. 

  1. Students receiving homebound instruction may not work or participate in extracurricular activities, non-academic activities (such as field trips), or community activities unless these activities are specifically outlined in the students medical plan of care or the Individualized Education Program (if applicable).
  2. Students are expected to complete all assigned assignments and homework. Not all work will be completed in the presence of the homebound teacher. 
  3. Parents/Guardian will keep all appointments with the homebound teacher (an excessive number of missed sessions may result in the suspension of services and/or a conference with CCPS staff). 
  4. Parents/Guardian will provide adequate facilities (place to work free from distractions) for Homebound Services or transport the student to an agreed upon community location for Homebound Services. Transportation to agreed up community locations are not provided by Homebound Services
  5. Parents/Guardian will ensure that an adult over the age of 18 is present in the home when services are provided.
  6. Parents/Guardian will sign a daily documentation log when the teacher is in the home. 
  7. Parents/Guardian will provide supplies required to complete school projects assigned by the classroom teacher.
  8. Parent/Guardian will continue to work with school staff, including the school nurse, to develop a  reintegration plan for school. 
  9. Parents/Guardian will advise the Homebound staff of any change in the student’s status that would necessitate the modification or termination of homebound services. This would include any illnesses within the home setting. 
  10. Parents/Guardian will submit required medical updates and/or Treatment Plan to the Homebound Instruction Specialist prior to the date set for the termination of homebound services.
  11. Parents/Guardian will notify their school contact of concerns or questions related to Homebound Instruction in a timely manner.          
  12. Parents/Guardian understands that students will remain a student of their home school.  All academic plan information, grades and report cards will be issued from the school.  All SOL and other testing will be completed with the school unless alternative arrangements are made with the Homebound Services Department.  PSAT, SAT, AP and other tests will not be administered in the homebound setting.     

Contact Information

Homebound Services
Department of Special Education
Chesterfield County Public Schools
13900 Hull Street Road
Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone 804-639-8787
Fax: 804-739-6237

[email protected]

Diane Kiefer, Ed.S.
Homebound Instruction Specialist
Phone: 804-639-8759

Phone: 804-639-8787

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