Homebound Services

Statement of Purpose

Homebound Services is a part of the Office of Equity and Student Support Services.  Homebound Services provide instructional support for students who, due to a medical condition, are unable to attend school based on a medical certification of need.   Homebound Services also provides Home-based services for students, as determined by their IEP, who may have been removed by the school division as the result of disciplinary action or other reasons.  Homebound Instruction is an instructional bridge for students who must leave the classroom until they are able to return, and is not intended to be a long-term placement for students instruction.

Homebound Services Delivery Models

The Homebound Instruction Specialist makes the assignments for homebound based on the needs of each individual student.  One of the following options or a combination of these options may be used:

  1. Instruction and materials provided by the classroom teacher with the classroom teacher serving as the student’s Homebound Teacher.
  2. Instruction and materials provided by the student’s classroom teacher(s) and a teacher(s) from the school serve as the Homebound teacher.
  3. Instruction is provided using an online instruction model  with instructional support from Homebound teaching staff either in the Home/Community setting or one of the Homebound labs.

Instruction is provided by a Homebound teacher licensed in Virginia, but who may not be endorsed in the subject area being taught.

Raising the Bar Through Consistent Delivery of Appropriate Instruction

  • Individualized homebound teacher support
  • Group interaction at homebound teacher staffed evening labs
  • Blended learning opportunities using Edgenuity software
  • Regular communication with students home school

Homebound Services

Office of Equity and Student Support Services
Chesterfield County Public Schools
13900 Hull Street Road
Midlothian, VA 23112

Diane Kiefer, Ed.S.
Homebound Instruction Specialist
Phone: 804-639-8759
Fax: 804-739-6237

Cheryl Brinson
Phone: 804-639-8787

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