Carver Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Bus Routes

Mission of the Department of Pupil Transportation

The mission of the Pupil Transportation Department is to transport students as safely, efficiently and cordially as possible. By doing so, the student arrives in a better frame of mind to learn and arrives home with a more positive attitude about the day.

To the extent possible due to safety concerns, bus stops are established to ensure that no elementary student must walk farther than approximately 0.3 of a mile and that middle school and high school students walk no farther than approximately 0.5 of a mile to the bus stop location.

Students are required to board and leave the bus at their assigned bus stop. It is especially important that students arrive at least 5 minutes before the time listed and 10 minutes earlier during the first week of school.

The transportation department reserves the right to revise or change bus stops. All students who are affected by any changes will be notified in writing.

School Bus Stop Areas

Area 1

High Schools

  • Bird HS
  • Meadowbrook HS

Middle Schools

  • Falling Creek MS
  • Manchester MS
  • Salem Church MS

Elementary Schools

  • Bellwood ES
  • Bensley ES
  • Beulah ES
  • Chalkley ES
  • Davis ES
  • Falling Creek ES
  • Gates ES
  • Hening ES
  • Hopkins ES
  • Jacobs ES
  • Salem ES

Area 2

High Schools

  • James River HS
  • Midlothian HS
  • Monacan HS

Middle Schools

  • Midlothian MS
  • Providence MS
  • Robious MS
  • Tomahawk MS

Elementary Schools

  • Bon Air ES
  • Crestwood ES
  • Gordon ES
  • Greenfield ES
  • Old Hundred ES
  • Reams ES
  • Robious ES
  • Watkins ES
  • Weaver ES

Area 3

High Schools

  • Clover Hill HS
  • Cosby HS
  • Manchester HS

Middle Schools

  • Bailey Bridge MS
  • Swift Creek MS

Elementary Schools

  • Clover Hill ES
  • Crenshaw ES
  • Evergreen ES
  • Grange Hall ES
  • Providence ES
  • A. Smith ES
  • Spring Run ES
  • Swift Creek ES
  • Winterpock ES
  • Woolridge ES

Area 4

High Schools

  • Carver College and Career Academy
  • Thomas Dale HS
  • Matoaca HS

Middle Schools

  • Carver MS
  • Davis MS
  • Matoaca MS

Elementary Schools

  • M. Christian ES
  • Curtis ES
  • Ecoff ES
  • Enon ES
  • Ettrick ES
  • Harrowgate ES
  • Matoaca ES
  • E. Scott ES
  • Wells ES

Area 5

The office’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 5:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Telephone:  (804) 768-6123