Fifth Grade

Welcome to fifth grade! This year students will have many new leadership opportunities. They can apply to become a member of the safety patrol, chorus, recycling club, or Battle of the Books competition. We hope that they will take advantage of these fun activities!


This year students will show their writing skills on the writing SOL test. They will gain experience writing to persuade, writing narratives, and writing personal essays. In reading, they will participate in book clubs and build on the strategies learned in fourth grade.

Be prepared for a fun and rigorous year!


We will focus on using different strategies to extend the concepts studied in fourth grade and prepare students for middle school.  New concepts we will study include using a protractor to measure angles, add and subtract mixed numbers, and mulitiply decimals.


This year in science we will explore matter, oceans, sound, light, and geology.  Look forward to investigating all these topics using the scientific method.

Social Studies

Get ready to be a globetrotter!  We will focus on exploring countries and cultures from all regions of the world.

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