First Grade

Welcome to first grade!  In first grade, we celebrate learning!  First graders become lifelong learners through the collaboration between home and school.


First grade language and literacy is balanced with writing, guided and shared reading, and word study. The students will be in an enriched environment with opportunities for differentiated learning experiences through phonics and phonemic awareness activities. We use literature and text to reinforce comprehension strategies and create a culture that loves reading.


First grade math is a time where we focus on calendar, time, measurement, fractions, sorting, simple repeating and growing patterns, plane geometric figures, and LOTS of number sense! Each focus is introduced whole group and practice takes place in Math Tubs and small group instruction. During Math Tubs and small group instruction we are able to gather important information to continue to guide our student’s instruction.


First graders will learn science concepts through a variety of hands-on activities and experiments. We explore topics such as plants, animals, motion, interactions with water, seasons, earth/sun, and natural resources. Students will participate in our grade level PBL on plants. Students will learn all about the life cycle of plants and what each part of the plants does. We plant our own plants in our greenhouse, take care of them and then sell them at our Nature Fair.

Social Studies

First grade social studies introduce students to the lives and leaders in the history of Virginia and their contributions to the Commonwealth. The students will learn about citizenship, map skills, economics and the importance of diversity to our community.

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