Dress Code

Chesterfield County does not have an official dress code for elementary students.  However, at Crestwood we specifically request that children not wear loose-fitting sandals, flipflops, heelys, or wedge shoes.  The potential danger during physical education and playtime discourages wearing loose-fitting shoes.  Sneakers must be worn during PE classes and for outside recess.  Rubber soled spiked shoes, such as football, soccer, or baseball cleats are not allowed.

School apparel should fit in with Crestwood’s atmosphere of learning.  No halter tops, short shorts, or short skirts (shorter than fingertip length), spaghetti strap tops, or other revealing clothing should be worn to school.  Tee shirts with inappropriate slogans, pictures, or advertisements should not be worn.  Boys should not wear baggy pants or jeans which hinder their movement in physical education or recess time.  We appreciate your support in helping us create a serious academic environment.

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