Fifth Grade
Language Arts

The students work on independent reading based on practices from the book The Book Whisperer; other components of reading includes vocabulary development, comprehension, fluency, and skills applications. There is an SOL at the end of the year in Reading.


In order to prepare students for the writing SOL in March, our focus is on the complete writing process to include composing, written expression, usage and mechanics and presentation.


In 5th grade Math students build on in the areas of Fractions, Algebra, Place Value, Decimals, Multiplication, Division, Measurement, and Geometry. There is an SOL in Math at the end of the year.


The 5th grade students learn about the Scientific Method, Matter, Electricity, Oceans, Plant/Animal Cells, Geology, Watersheds, Sound and Light.  There is an SOL in Science at the end of the year.

Social Studies

The students learn about places around the world in Social Studies.