First Grade
Language Arts

First grade is where all of the magic happens! Students will develop the skills needed to break the code of reading and writing. We will incorporate a Balanced Literacy Approach, phonemic awareness and direct phonics instruction. Best practices include Shared Read Alouds, Interactive Writing, Guided Reading Groups, and Readers and Writers Workshop. Every child will become a lifelong reader and writer in first grade.


First graders will develop a solid foundation in mathematics that will be built upon in the later grades. Emphasis is placed upon developing number sense, addition and subtraction, problem solving, patterns, fractions, units of measurement, telling time, geometry, money, and estimation. These concepts are practiced with hands on activities and manipulatives.


First graders will explore, observe and investigate the natural world around them. Students will learn about sun and earth relationship, seasonal changes, plants, animals, weather, force of motion, interactions with water and natural resources. All topics will be learned through hands on experiences. This will encourage critical thinking and questioning skills – making first graders scientists.

Social Studies

Together, students and teachers will create a first grade classroom community built on respect and compassion. Students will learn about citizenship,community helpers, diversity, holidays, VA symbols, maps, famous Virginians, landforms and economics. These topics will help make our class community stronger.

Field Trips

Our communities are rich learning laboratories When first graders go on field trips, they will see the connections between what is happening at school and in the real-world. This multisensory learning experience will create enthusiasm that is difficult to replicate through internet or in the classroom. Students in first grade will visit the pumpkin patch, the Chesterfield children’s museum, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and Avery Branch Farms.


The first grade team has created a STEAM program that will expose students to a wide variety of STEAM experiences. Students will have the opportunity to be innovative learners through LEGO education, coding, robotics, technology, art and engineering. STEAM activities will be engaging and real-world inspired – inspiring future engineers, scientists, technologists, artists and mathematicians.


First Graders will be exposed to project based learning – a non traditional educational model. Students will solve real-world problems with the guidance of teachers and community professionals. Students will be able to master 21st century competencies such as problem solving and critical thinking; addressing the needs of diverse learners which will increase the motivation to learn.

We look forward to a great year!
Mrs. Morris, Ms. Zinkwich, Mrs. Schmahl, Ms.Turner, Ms. Garland, Ms. Doherty, Ms.Conrad


Ms. Wacks


Ms. Zinkwich


Mrs. Schmahl