en English
Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd grade! 

We have so many exciting and enriching activities planned this year! They truly grow as learners during their time here in second grade. Below you will find an overview of some of the main concepts we teach this school year.  We look forward to making the 2019-2020 school year the best yet!


Students are continuing to learn to read and are also reading to learn as they will become more independent and strategic readers.  Fluency, accuracy, and comprehension are emphasized. We will explore reading with a heavy focus on fiction and nonfiction text. Through shared reading and guided reading students will learn about the main idea, making connections, text features, and drawing conclusions to name a few! They will also learn to use comprehension strategies and skills when reading to enhance meaning, and will read age-appropriate texts with fluency and accuracy.


Throughout the year students will learn how to write personal narratives, create opinion pieces, write about informational text, and creatively write. Students will also write on a daily basis for a variety of purposes:  stories, letters, and simple explanations. Grammar and spelling in all types of writings are taught and continually reviewed. An exciting part of 2nd grade is learning to write in cursive.


Students will continue to build on their number sense by working with place value in two and three digit numbers, rounding and recognizing patterns with numbers. The daily application of addition and/or subtraction concepts is used with the emphasis of multiple strategies when solving. Students will use these concepts to move into adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. Some of the many units we will cover throughout the year include building on students’ knowledge of money, time, geometry, measurement, and fractions.

Social Studies

Students in the second grade will study geography, economics, famous Americans, Native American tribes, diversity,  good citizenship, and innovations over time. Additionally, they will learn how to apply this knowledge to their everyday life.


Through many hands on experiments and fun lessons, students will learn about magnets, solids, liquids, and gasses, weather, plants and natural resources, animal and plant life cycles, and habitats. The second-grade scientists will also be making detailed observations, drawing conclusions, and recognizing unusual or unexpected data.