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School division employees and contract custodial teams are responsible for keeping schools clean.  School-based Building Operations Supervisors (BOS) and day porters are equipped and trained by the Facilities Department, and are directly supervised and evaluated by the school principal and school administration team. Contract custodial crew members are hired and trained by vendors, who must provide a lead/supervisory custodian at each school.

The Facilities Department provided training this summer for day porters and BOS staff, so they fully understand the requirement to keep our learning spaces clean and students and staff safe. This training detailed industry best practices for response to COVID-19.  

Day porters are responsible for 

  • disinfecting all touch points and work spaces, sanitizing all eating areas a minimum of four times per day, actively addressing cleaning in occupied areas and ingress/egress routes; 
  • disinfecting restrooms, including sweeping and mopping with flat mop, four times per day; checking and restocking soap dispensers (includes sinks in classrooms); and
  • checking and restocking hand sanitizer stations four times daily.

The school division plans to have a three-month supply of cleaning materials on hand. Plans also have been made to restock bathroom dispensers, strategically place hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building and deploy disinfecting “misters” as a part of our daily routines, allowing for appropriate kill times and increased efficiency for touchpoints. 

These cleaners will be used to combat COVID-19:

The Project Restart budget requests funding that would add more CCPS Day Porter staff and fully fund the custodial contracts to meet unique cleaning needs due to COVID-19.

The Facilities Department also is enhancing its Preventative Maintenance (PM) program, including PM inspections/repairs on all HVAC systems, which will allow all summer PM inspections and repairs to be completed by the start of school.

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