Tracking Attendance

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From the Virginia Department of Education: “Keeping attendance is a critical task for schools and divisions; attendance is a metric for a multitude of statutory and regulatory requirements as well as data that can be operationalized for important school functions. Specifically, daily attendance is tied to compulsory attendance, monitoring truancy or gauging student well-being, determining funding by way of average daily membership (ADM), and serving as a proxy for student engagement, notably as it informs the chronic absenteeism indicator for accreditation. Because many school divisions are employing and adapting to new instructional delivery models beyond brick-and-mortar, the ability to track attendance by conventional measures – i.e. visual observation or face-to-face interaction – is less practical/feasible. Because each division, and even school, will have unique instructional models based on their individual needs and capacities, attendance tracking will look different according to modality and circumstance.”  

As per Virginia Department of Education guidelines (VDOE Superintendent’s Memo #188-20), student attendance will be taken based on time-based and task/product completion, both of which can be demonstrated in multiple ways when determining student attendance.

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