Don’t delay! Enroll in Chesterfield schools today

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The first week of school is rapidly approaching. If your child isn’t registered yet, now is the time. Doing so today will help your child have the best possible start to the new school year and ensure your child’s schedule is in place.

Registering now provides the school division with a more accurate student enrollment count that allows schools have the appropriate number of teachers in place on the first day of school. Registering sooner rather than later helps middle and high school students as well. Electives, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment classes tend to fill up quickly.

Need to register your child, but not quite sure where to start? Here are a few helpful tips:

Tip 1: To expedite the process, bring the following documents with you when you register your child:

What To Bring To Register Your Child

More specific details about the requirements for registering your child are available here:

Tip 2: Find your child’s school

  • New to Chesterfield County?
  • Recently moved within the county to a new home?
  • Schools and school zones can be found using the “Find my School” feature available here: com/schools/find-my-school/.

Tip 3: Call and make an appointment with the school to register your child.

  • School offices are open Mondays through Thursdays during the summer.
  • Summer office hours are 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • A list of schools with phone numbers is available at com/schools/.

Tip 4: Check out the Parent Handbook.

  • This helpful resource has valuable information for parents and guardians.
  • Printed versions go home with every student at the start of the school year.
  • A digital version is available online now at

Don’t wait until the last minute to enroll your child in Chesterfield County Public Schools — act now to help your child have a strong start to the 2019-20 school year!

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