Fifth Grade

The fifth grade teachers at Ecoff take a student centered learning approach while creating and maintaining an effective learning environment to meet the needs of all students. While embracing technological resources to teach the Chesterfield County curriculum, teachers focus on hands-on learning activities and cross-curricular instruction. Cross-curricular instruction integrates content and skills from multiple content areas into one cohesive learning experience to promote higher level thinking. Our goal is to make learning fun and keep students engaged as we prepare them for the challenges and demands of middle school. Our overall mission is to prepare our students to be successful citizens and lifelong learners in a technologically advanced and diverse society.

The primary goal is to advance students’ skills in fluency and comprehension by working in small collaborative groups and promoting effective learning strategies. Students will be introduced to a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections which integrate into other content areas to help refine analyzing skills.
Students will write daily for a variety of purposes. Through cross-curricular instruction, students will learn about and write narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository pieces. During the writing process, students will focus on organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, and conventions.

Students will become problem solvers and learn how to make mathematical connections through real-world practical situations. Cross-curricular, collaborative groups, and hands-on learning activities will advance students’ mathematical knowledge and understanding


Students will continue to advance their questioning and reasoning skills learned in previous years. Students will become scientific investigators and participate in hands-on experiments in the classroom. Students will also have a quarterly home-based project to help facilitate critical thinking and classroom learning. A few areas of investigation include light, sound, cells, matter, and ocean environment.

Social Studies

Students will become world travelers! Through global connections, group projects, and individual research, students will explore the geography and history of all the continents.

Tips for Parents

Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist their children by teaching them to be organized. Help students understand the importance of being prepared for class and participating in class. It is also important for students to be prepared for their daily resource class. Please make sure students wear sneakers on PE days.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher with any questions.

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