Second Grade

The second grade teachers at Ecoff have a team-based approach to teaching the Chesterfield County curriculum. We work together to develop activities and experiences that allow our students to apply higher-level thinking in a technology enriched classroom.


All students receive instruction in a variety of settings, which can include direct instruction, small group instruction, center activities, and silent reading. Fluency and retelling are our two key components that are essential to move from one reading level to another. Students use decoding skills and comprehension keys to make predictions, look for connections, and make inferences while reading fiction and non-fiction books.


Students are taught the writing process using the “The 6+1 Traits of Writing”. This model focuses on conventions, organization, ideas, word choice, sentence fluency, and voice. Students learn multiple ways to brainstorm and plan their writing. They will learn how to draft well-structured stories using their plans. As the year progresses, students will learn to revise and edit their work independently.


We use a program that revolves around number sense (the ability to mentally see in your head the different ways that numbers can be put together and broken apart). In addition, students will learn how to solve multi-step word problems, add and subtract 2 digit numbers, tell time, count money to $2.00, recognize and write fractions, measure objects using pounds and inches, and understanding place value to 999.


Students learn about the different stages of matter, how magnets attract and repel, how weather affects our environment, animal and plant needs, as well as understanding the life cycle of a butterfly, frog, fruit-fly, and white-tail deer.

Social Studies

Students learn about several famous Americans like Helen Keller, Jackie Robinson, and Susan B. Anthony. They understand what it means to be a good citizen and how diversity makes up our world. We also compare and contrast different Native American tribes.

Tips for Parents

Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist their children by encouraging them to be organized and to be responsible for their school assignments each day.

  • Please check your child’s agenda book nightly for important dates and assignments.
  • We encourage students to read for at least 10 minutes each night. This can include reading and learning their content study guides.
  • Please help your child read, spell, and sort their Word Wall Words and Sort Words nightly.
  • Remember to talk with your child about what they are learning in school. This helps reinforce their learning and it will give you a good indication of topics/subjects that may need additional practice at home.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher whenever you have a question or concern.We are excited about the new academic year and look forward to meeting you soon!!!
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