Elizabeth Davis Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The Elizabeth Davis Band program is comprised of three levels, Beginning (6th Grade), Intermediate (7th Grade), and Advanced (8th Grade). All students will perform at least one required after school rehearsal and performance each year, special concert attire is required for performances. STUDENTS MUST START BAND IN THE 6TH GRADE! The next opportunity to start an instrument is not until the 9th grade, but they will not be able to fully be ready to participate in all high school band activities until their sophomore year. Students cannot start band in 7th or 8th grade in middle school in Chesterfield County. If the student shows ANY interest in learning to play an instrument, it is best if they start in 6th grade.

Please click to view more information about our graded band program as well as the special performance opportunities available to EDMS band students in the Information box at the top of this page!


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