Elizabeth Davis Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Health & Physical Education

EDMS Health & Physical Ed students learn lifetime fitness skills throughout the year by participating in such activities as racquet sports, volleyball, archery, biking, fitness circuits, team building and cooperative activities. We are looking forward to improving and assessing your child’s fitness levels throughout the year which can be accessed through Welnet.

Our 8th graders are offered 3 choices for Physical Education to allow students to select an area they are more interested in. These choices include Fit for Life, Adventure Recreation or Team Sports.

Fit for Life classes are exposed to many off campus fitness activities throughout the year. They also spend the year training their bodies and brains for an end of the year Adventure Race!

Adventure Recreation is focused on recreation activities that are more leisurely but still provide physical activity. These students will participate in a variety of recreational opportunities off campus and will train for an end of the year camping trip and adventure race.

Team Sports classes participate in team sports competitions, create and run tournaments, and work on improving their knowledge and skills in game play. These classes will participate in off campus opportunities to see and participate in team sports.


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