Elizabeth Davis Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Language Arts

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Balanced Literacy is the focus of Language Arts instruction at Elizabeth Davis Middle School. Students spend time reading as a class and independently, writing, and developing vocabulary in grades 6, 7, and 8.

We believe that reading well and writing effectively are not only important components of the English classroom; they are necessary skills for success in all other areas of education.

Our goal is to prepare students for their high school years and beyond, and we also strive to promote a culture of literacy and a love of language.

6th Grade

Ann Clements ‒ Ann_Clements@ccpsnet.net
Brooke Kistner ‒ Johanna_Kistner@ccpsnet.net
Cheryl Green ‒ Cheryl Green@ccpsnet.net
Jason Adams ‒ Shaun_Adams@ccpsnet.net
Vickie Davis ‒ Vickie_Davis@ccpsnet.net

7th Grade

Brooke Kistner ‒ Johanna_Kistner@ccpsnet.net
Gil Marinski ‒ Gilbert_Marinski@ccpsnet.net
Heather Tobin ‒ Heather_StClairTobin@ccpsnet.net
Justin Kerzanet ‒ Justin_Kerzanet@ccpsnet.net
Wendy Kump ‒ Wendy_Kump@ccpsnet.net

8th Grade

Alex Cequeria ‒ Alexandra_Cequeria@ccpsnet.net
Amy Ball ‒ Amy_Ball@ccpsnet.net
Brooke Kistner ‒ Johanna_Kistner@ccpsnet.net
Jessica Miller ‒ Jessica_Miller@ccpsnet.net
Synthia Atkinson ‒ Synthia_Atkinson@ccpsnet.net