Elizabeth Davis Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Social Studies

The social studies program here at Elizabeth Davis Middle school covers material set forth in the Virginia Standards of Learning. The social studies teachers at Elizabeth Davis Middle School emphasize technology within their classrooms on a daily basis by using document cameras, Promethean boards and incorporating the use of individualize research via students chromebooks. Social studies teachers collaborate to create innovative inquiry-based lessons that stress higher order thinking skills.



Allison Spiegel ‒ Allison_Spiegel@ccpsnet.net

Laurie Luke ‒ Laurie_Luke@ccpsnet.net

Nick Windom ‒ Nicholas_Windom@ccpsnet.net


Heather Olin ‒ Heather_Olin@ccpsnet.net

Nick Windom ‒ Nicholas_Windom@ccpsnet.net

Tres Humphrey ‒ LouisE_Humphrey@ccpsnet.net


Debi Graves ‒ Department Chair Debra_Graves@ccpsnet.net

Landon Tucker ‒ Landon_Tucker@ccpsnet.net

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